Guy Foils Store Robbery With a First Instinct Reaction

11 Comments on Guy Foils Store Robbery With a First Instinct Reaction

  1. He must be pretty familiar with the local denizens and their hijinks. Enough to keep his situational awareness meter pegged. Surprise, surprise.

  2. I think he hesitated to confirm the 2nd guy wasn’t armed. If the 2nd guy would’ve been armed, that wouldn’t have been a smart move.

  3. My buddy (6’5″ and built like a brick shithouse) was bent over in the candy or chips picked up a gallon of anti-freeze or windshield washer solvent (I forget which) and from the bottom shelf roundhoused an idiot in a hoody and brandishing a knife at the clerk in the Walgreens type store from behind.

    It was about 05:00 and I was back at the drink cooler and heard it go down. We had been out coon hunting all night and stopped in for something. The blow came from behind, nearly took the bastard’s head off and knocked him ten or fifteen feet through the air, the knife was stuck in the ceiling tiles and IIRC the idiot was pretty much comatosed for a couple weeks.


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