Guy has the perfect tattoo considering his crime

See the tattoo here.

And it’s worse than this tattoo of a child holding a thumb, because that tattoo was unfortunate. This guy’s tattoo is pretty emphatic and explicit in its message.

ht/ petrus

17 Comments on Guy has the perfect tattoo considering his crime

  1. .22 Cal. short in the ear.
    Just a matter of time before he
    attacks,beats,gropes and or rapes an
    innocent girl/woman.Maybe someone you
    know or love ???

  2. I’m not defending the guy, but that looks like the kind of tattoo a scumbag gets after passing out around other scumbags and a homemade tattoo gun. I don’t think he specifically asked for it, but karma did…

  3. He should have had it done in reverse, he is the only one who wants to get close enough to read it.
    With the tat rage, pretty sure there is going to be a booming removal market.

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