Guy in Canada gets citation for shaking hands

By the way, the cop handles the ticket and hands it to the offender.

In terms of virus transfer, that is the same as shaking hands. The idiocy here is thick.

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  1. The governments in canada,provincial and federal, have had a boner for harassing Rebel News for quit some time.

  2. If you have no shame and will bend over for anyone in authority, police departments in Ontario are looking to interview you.

  3. What a weaselly rat faced son of a syphilitic whore that cop is. Fascist. He can eat a whole bag of crusty dicks.

  4. My wife is in Hamilton right now visiting her mom.

    The Crack/Heroine district is down the street from the location in the video. But these guys are too busy.

  5. Hamilton! Saw Pink Floyd at Ivor Wynne stadium back in ’75. Things were a bit more laid back then. Great concert BTW.

  6. @Euragon
    Check out Australia and New Zealand.
    They will not let you cross from 1 “Area of Travel” to another.
    Literally have coppers watching cars cross invisible boarders and pulling them over requesting papers or reasons for travel and fining.


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