Guy makes FB post condemning riots and protests over Trump and now the left wants to take his livelihood away

The left says he’s a bigot, a misogynist, a privileged white guy and a racist for this post—->

The Nick Miller schmuck, editor of the Sacramento news, signaled to “the ladies” and beta males that something should be done about Daniel Murphy.

So they organized a boycott of his Brewery.

Miller responded with this—>

I am very sorry.

Yesterday evening I posted something on my personal Facebook page that was born out of frustration and anger and it came across as judgmental. I wouldn’t want anybody to judge me without knowing me so that definitely was not my intent. Upon further reflection, I can see how my personal post was offensive and hurtful to many people who were peacefully protesting for what they believe in. I am very sorry.

I hope you give us another chance. We poured our heart and life savings into 12 Rounds. I would understand if you didn’t — we all have to pay for our mistakes — but in a world that needs less division and more healing, I would hope that you would find it in your heart to do so.

We invite you over to our brewery if you ever want to talk to us and get to know the real us. A former president once invited two disagreeing parties to talk over a beer. I think that’s a great idea.

At least half of the responses to this guy’s apology had this tone —

Shannon Kelly

“Judgemental”? Sweetie, in a world where our President brags about grabbing women’s vaginas, what you said is downright DANGEROUS. If you truly are sorry, then go read a book about feminism and imagine what it feels like to be a woman in Trump’s American where men like you make us unsafe.

The wife has responded—>

“Those calls for a boycott, they carry a lot of weight. We hope and pray we survive that. We’re going to issue another apology and hope people give us another chance. But if they don’t, we’ll respect that.”

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  1. Unfortunately, this business is located in California, land of the liberal nut jobs. If it was located somewhere in flyover country, 12 Rounds would have so much business they’d be running out of beer.

    Hopefully the half dozen or so conservatives in Sacramento can drink enough beer to keep this place afloat.

  2. He blew it by appologizing. He should have learned from Trump, never surrender! Roll over and they finish you off.

  3. Truth isn’t always savory.
    Truth is always attacked, brow beaten and boycotted.

    Why apologize for the truth?
    There a majority of people who agree with you,
    even in Sacra-demento.

  4. Stories like this are the reason I will never live in California. TOSK is correct, the left never forgives.

    I also keep in mind these are the same people that take Bill Clinton’s word over a group of women who accessed him of rape and sexual misconduct and during the impeachment said what Clinton did in his own time was his own business. There is no logic.

  5. Such apologies are a sign of WEAKNESS to the Left.
    Like blood in the water to a shark.

    worth reading:
    “SJWs Always Lie” – Vox Day

  6. “Never apologize;
    Never explain.”

    There is nothing in that post that requires an apology – or an explanation.
    I, too, am disgusted at the shit-parade and the shit-weasel politicians who supported it. Don’t like it? Fuck off. Eat Shit and Die. Don’t like THAT?

    C’mon down …

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. He should quit apologizing before somebody grabs him by his pussy. Right up the road is Camp Pendleton. I am sure there are more than enough Marines there to keep this guy afloat.

  8. They took down a friends fb page after she said she didn’t need the Women’s march people telling her what to think. they called it hate speech. Hate speech for not agreeing with the left. FU facebook. I don’t have an fb page, how will you shut me up?

  9. Trump admin should compile a list of businesses bully shamed out of business by the Lefts SJW tactics and show the public how the 1st Amendment is under attack by them too just like the border.

  10. Worth a repost:

    Czar: Such apologies are a sign of WEAKNESS to the Left.
    Like blood in the water to a shark.

    worth reading:
    “SJWs Always Lie” – Vox Day

    Also read:

    “Cuckservative” -John Red Eagle and Vox Day

    If is not on your daily rounds, it should be.

  11. Outside of Sacrmento itself, that area of california is not completely Leftard. Theres more like 33% normal-thinking people who are cowed into silence by their insane neighbors. I hope the sane 33% step up to the plate and begin guzzling shitloads of this beer.

    I’ll look for it in my local store here in Abita-land.

  12. Jerry Manderin JANUARY 27, 2017 AT 11:38 AM
    Trump was a democrat when he made that grabbin’ remark. Cut him slack snowflakes.

    Good point. Damn good answer to those leftly losers.

    ‘ya, he grew up, changed, quit being a schmuck democrap.’

  13. Have we learned nothing from Chick-fil-A? Stick to your guns. Sure, people will boycott. But other people – possibly even more people – will support you. Apologies won’t bring back the ones who were going to boycott, and will lose you the ones who weren’t.

  14. I am in Sacramento overnight on business every week. I will patronize his establishment. Fuck them bitches with Adam’s apples.

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