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Guy on Twitter Asked What This Button Was For

Funny Answers Only, Please…

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  1. That’s known as the mother in law switch….Push it once and she’s in the back seat. Push it twice and she’s in the trunk. 3 times and the duct tape application begins…

  2. Yea, but only back in time. I’ll be pounding on my back in time button tomorrow. Now show him an old style dimmer switch.

  3. Recycle the air so I can enjoy my farts in perpetuity.

  4. I push that button to keep the diesel exhaust fumes of the truck in front of me from coming into the cockpit. Then I fart….

  5. It’s the U-turn button to finish the job of mowing down the climate-change protestors that were blocking the road…

  6. It’s the Obama mandated ‘Cash-for-Clunkers’ mileage indicator.
    Effectively an assisted suicide button.
    Push it and the radiator fills with cement & the car compacts itself into a worthless cube of metal.

  7. Don’t make me turn this thing around button. First press, warning. Second press, locates nearest turning lane.

  8. It’s for the cute girl in the back seat. Push the button, she comes forward for some erotic entertainment, then she cycles back so you can put the pedal to the metal and continue the trip.

  9. It flips the car over so you can scratch its belly.

  10. That’s the recycle button. And will literally save the world.

  11. Are you saying it’s a sort of Gas-grass or ass button joe6?

    BTW, I hope Mrs6pak is offline tonight, you make get the side-eye with that comment.

  12. I was working on cars in the era when Detroit Iron was still big but starting to cede to European and Japanese, with differences in controls including the climate controls. At the time I got a guy in for AC service that was complaining that his new used Audi air conditioner wasn’t working at all.

    I pulled the thing in, turned the AC on, dropped my pocket thermo in the vent and it was blowing 40 degrees. I told the guy I didn’t see the problem and walked him out into the shop to show him.

    He was quite surprised how cold his car was and asked me what I did. I told him I did nothing but turn it on. He wanted to see so I switched everything off then back on, when he excitedly said “Whats that button you just lit up?”

    It was the button marked A/C.

    …see, he had just traded an old school Caprice for this, and American steel at the time was all slider based. If you slid the sliders all to the left, that put it in max cold mode and AUTOMATICALLY turned the air conditioner compressor on. European cars required a button specifically to be pressed as all cars do now to do that or all you get is the fan and the mix door selection in the plenum.

    No one ever explained this to him, nor that you needed to do that to dehumidify in the winter when he bought it, so this was all a revelation to him.

    So before you jump down the young uns throats keep in mind this was 35 odd years ago. Tech changes and not everyone is technical.

    And some people prove that every. Single. Day…

  13. It’s for when your passenger is whining about something of no consequence. It plays the sad trombone wah-wah-wah.

  14. Remember how Jake Elwood reverse flips the car? There you go.

  15. Loco, mrs6pak never had to ride in the back seat.

  16. I’m almost certain it’s the super-charger-twin-turbo-charger-blown-nitrous-oxide-camshaft-milled crankshaft-bored hemi-intercooler-4-barrel-4-speed manual-120 octane-fuel-injector-posi-tract-limited-slip-lose the racist cops, go faster selector…

  17. That button, like all buttons, is for pressing.

  18. What you do and what it’s for:

    – Accelerate to at least 70 miles per hour.
    – Grab your shift lever; move the lever quickly from D (Drive) to R (Race).
    – Continue to push the gas pedal all the way to the floor.
    – Now, with the A/C on, push that button. It will recycle the cool air in the
    cabin and help you cool off faster after all the excitement.

  19. It staples your head to the headrest in case of an accident. You know … don’t want to risk brain damage!

  20. Too many lame suggestions to try to add a good one now.

    Very disappointed in the group efforts right now. You guys are much better than this.

  21. Obviously it’s the crotch cool down fan for guys listening to watching Lizzo.

  22. For a ‘dumb-ass-liberal’, it means; push this button in order to hear the same repetitive lying bullshit that you are so used to appreciating and are willing to die for.

  23. The hell Dadof4? We got “buttoon” out of this thread. What more do you want?

  24. Been hanging out here a while. I sure as hell wouldn’t consider Dadof4 a Karen. Just sayen . And we don’t always agree by the way.

  25. Dadof4 should present his thought. None of us are wrong.

  26. This option, on Canadian cars, blows carbon monoxide from the exhaust system directly into the car. It’s just another choice for government assisted suicide to save the climate.

  27. It’s the transgender option.

    Right now you have to ask for it but they’re trying to make it mandatory.

  28. Warning. Wife Driving. Sudden Changes In Direction Likely.

  29. Tell him its the button to activate the Jacuzzi feature, but he has to fill the car with water first for it to work.

  30. It’s the end of the world button.
    It means, stick your head between your legs, and kiss your a$$ goodbye.

  31. My cousin didn’t know what that switch was, then couldn’t figure out why the windows kept frosting up on the inside in the winter.

  32. Any arrow you shoot while in the car will return to you.

  33. It’s the Geig button.
    Turns a Buttigieg into a Geigabutt

  34. Everyone knows that is the fart inhaler button.

  35. Go back and stop at the Red Light button.

  36. Jus’ you look at tha picture, gavone. It tells your goombahs to put your passenger in the trunk when you find out he crossed the Families.

    Of which their ain’t no such thing.

  37. @ Brad AT 8:28 PM
    Yea, but only back in time. I’ll be pounding on my back in time button tomorrow. Now show him an old style dimmer switch.

    The best dimmer switch was the one on the floor that you hit with your foot.

  38. Do over.
    Know-nothing libs think it’s just that easy

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