Guy Specifically Says He’s Videoing at Walgreen Cologne Counter So He Can Be “Viral Like Starbucks”

“Thank you, everybody’s gonna know my name,” says the black guy videoing a spat with a Walgreens manager in Denver.

You can hear the wheels turning in his head, with dreams of a shakedown surely to follow.

In short, he wanted to buy cologne. Walgreens keeps the packaged cologne in a locked case. The manager said she would get the cologne he wanted when he told her which brand he wanted.

He said, “how do I know what I want to buy unless I can smell it?”

Walgreens is not a department store with all sorts of testers on the shelves, and fragrance clerks ready to help you with your purchase. They sell closed boxes. They don’t open them for you to smell first.

The customer would have none of it and started to imply that racism was afoot!

Can he go into a gas station and ask to sample the cigarettes before he buys a pack? Same thing. He fails to grasp the concept.

Exasperated with his arguments, the manager walked away and said she was calling the cops. That’s precisely when the guy with the iPhone perked up and got happy.

The Youtube video cuts off the part when the cop shows up. (I saw the video on a site I’m not comfortable sending the readers to.)

He briefly talks to the manager and comes back to the guy and tells him to leave. The guy refuses, saying he did nothing wrong.

The cop explains that it’s a private establishment and they have the right to ask him to leave.

The guy won’t, so the cop asks for identification. He refuses to give ID but gladly tells the cop his name.

The cop asks for him to leave once again and the guy does, repeating his proclaimation that Walgreens has just made him famous.

Why? How?

The same damn thing would have happened to whitey if they failed to understand that you don’t get to open boxes of cologne and smell them before you buy them at Walgreens. IT’S WHY THEY ARE IN THE DAMN LOCKED CASE!!! People open the boxes on the shelves and that pretty much negates any chance it will be bought by someone.


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  1. He needs something with a strong and heavy scent to cover the pungent odor of his musk glands.

  2. I have a feeling Walgeeen’s is NOT going to give him the response he’s expecting. Their take on “social philosophy” is not the same as Star-buttfucked

  3. (855)-420-0200. He should inform Benjamin Crump, Black Grievance Attorney At Law, not to prematurely text him before the deed is done.

  4. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton been doing it for years with great success. I’m surprised it took the brothers this long to pick up on the scam.

  5. I had kind of the same problem at Walgreens over condoms. They refused to let me try them on so I could be sure of fit and comfort. Like trying on shoes, you know?

    They’re so uptight.

  6. Anonymous May 31, 2018 at 10:11 am

    Actually, there should be a way for people to smell the cologne before they buy.

    Should you demand to taste every cereal in the box before buying? Should you demand that the store have on hand pots of coffee so you can taste which one you want? Do you even know how much perfume is? It’s quite expensiv4e. My favorite bottle of perfume at Victoria Secret is $80 a bottle, some perfumes can be $500+ a bottle. I don’t go perfume shopping for that reason. I’m tired of these Dindu Nuffins.

  7. Maybe cologne should be packaged like beer.

    Up to 5 people can try a 6 pack of beer before the store needs to sell it.


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