Guy Starts Crowdfunding To Bail Out Greece

Leftists are not good at math. What they’re good at is seizing upon a “thing,” like crowdfunding, and believing with all their heart that it’s an elixir because it’s largely a hipster doofus thing, and hipster doofi are saving the world, dontcha know?


Moron starts crowdfunding to bail-out Greece.

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  1. If they panned back the pic, he’d be wearing skinny jeans…BTW, “his” profile pic is a rainbow flag. He swears allegiance to the chocolate starfish. Need I say more?

  2. Hey, I can help out with that! I’ve got
    a whole jar of bacon drippings in my refrigerator that I can donate.
    Oh, wait – you said “Greece”…?

    Never mind.


  3. If you apply basic math here in the USA, assuming a population of 330m with 18T debt, that’s $54.5k per every person, or $218k per family of 4. So… where are we with that?

  4. Sorry, but I am finding it perversely pleasurable to watch the downfall of Greece. When do they stop electing a socialist / atheist government?

    This has been a great example of the failed, corrupt policies of liberalism.


  5. And I’m sure the Greeks would be happy to take the donations and throw it down the same rathole.

  6. Eh. Trust me. Greece has been communist for a looooong time.
    They just never put the hammer and sickle on the letterheads.
    When I was there, it was the KKE fighting with whatever democracy Greece thought they were. The commies won.

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