Guy sucker punches 12 Year-old street dancer

The attacker is obviously a Trump supporter. Trump supporters are ruining the country.

ht/ hot salsa

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  1. Asshole has a sucker punch waiting for him at the judgement day. Wouldn’t want to be the recipient of that blow.

  2. He was just being rescued from his White Privilege(tm)

    But looking cross eyed at a “person of color” is racism.

  3. Skip to the 4:09 mark to avoid 4 minutes of stupid sounding music and “dancing” that looks like an upright seizure.

  4. About 15 years ago a 12 year old girl, among others, was shot and killed at 4 AM at an all night party.

    We couldn’t help but ask “What was a 12 year old girl doing at an all night party.”

  5. Why do white people listen to that shit on purpose?
    Why does any living creature listen to that shit on purpose?

  6. …son…

    …you’re not Black.

    You will not be accepted as Black.

    This is the first of many ass beatings you’re going to get in that violent subculture.

    You may not survive them all…

  7. SNS you are more right than you know. The culture is violent AND volatile – a deadly combination.

  8. Memo to skinny white kid: Don’t go looking for the police – they’ve been defunded. You’re on your own fool. Good luck in your new progressive dystopian world. You better put on a few more pounds and learn some form of martial arts.

    p.s. how has that ghetto/gangsta rap garbage scene worked for ya? Yer nothing but a dumbass white boy – and the bruthas think so too.

  9. @Ann Thracts – “…What happened on the video?…”

    Awww, nuthin much. A dumbass white kid was trying to act black, and a black dude let him know that he wasn’t.

  10. Very sad to see that. Pure evil.
    I hate to see that, it makes me want to never trust most blacks ever.
    But on another note the first people to come to his aid were other blacks,how do you know?
    I hate what we have become and we have lost all trust in everyone we meet.
    Even the white people in Seattle can not be trusted they act just like the guy getting out of the car.
    White or black, trash is trash and they walk among us.
    Beware at all times of all people you do not know.
    Sorry I have no words for what I just saw.

  11. Why the hell is 12 year old kids out dancing on the street to shit music at night? It clearly was not the best part of town by all the staggering drunks walking around.

    Now for the black POS who punched him, that bastard needs to just be shot.

  12. Geoff C. The Saltine, the world we’re living in right now certainly should make most white people who aren’t “woke” to think about being around any black person in public. I know there are many good black people, but we have no way of knowing if that black person we have to walk by going into the grocery store or restaurant is a good person or one who is going to start something to prove we white people are racist. Now if we protect ourselves we’re the ones charged with a crime.

  13. I don’t know what I found more disgusting, the sucker punch of a much smaller white kid or that white kid acting like a fucking monkey.

  14. Can I be honest… what the hell kind of music is that? It’s painful to listen to. You can’t even dance to it. Overproduced garbage that tries too hard. I miss the 80s, and 90s.

    I hope the kid is ok, and they catch that creep.

  15. nothing but a lesson being taught

    this is how the blacks roll you stupid punk

    being black is now a club like being a politician and you aint in it

    i find it very funny watching the blm and antifa videos featuring mostly white millennials doing all the rioting and violence
    when the blacks get involved it more about looting less about protests

    and when are the politicians going to declare skateboards weapons?
    you should have background checks and waiting periods to buy them
    very deadly from the videos of the rioters

  16. Remember the good old days when we worried about the blacks moving into the neighborhood. Does history repeat itself?

  17. Shoulda’ edited it to 20 seconds before the action and spare us the earache. I thought I was in the drive thru at McD’s

  18. Anonymous July 4, 2020 at 10:52 pm *****for the win*****
    FUKCING SEIZURE Bwaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah… erp!

  19. If I was that 12 year old Skinny Honkie, My dad would have slapped me across the head, smashed the radio, and told me not to bother the neighbors.

  20. can we finally start calling reggins reggins again. if you act like a reggin you should be called a reggin. I hear reggins calling each other reggin all day long and no one says a word. how about some equality for white people.

  21. It would be cultural appropriation, but the gay white kid was having a seizure to gay black noises. So no hate crime I guess.

  22. Why would you say he’s a Trump supporter? Probably just the opposite as the blm and others are the ones starting the race wars.

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