Guy Tells the Truth About Swishy Male NFL Cheerleaders and Gets Pig Piled by Moronic Lib Colleagues

The guy is right. This is not what football fans want to look at and it will put more nails in the NFL coffin.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, I’m laughing at that.

    Jeopardy question in 2025: what professional sport ceased to exist in 2021 and completely disappeared from the face of the earth after players took a knee during the national anthem over several seasons and then introduced male cheer leaders?

    That’s correct …….. the NFL.

    The demographics that make up the vast majority of football fans have no use for male cheerleaders prancing around like they are female cheerleader. Football is a man’s sport ….. not a contest to determine how low a man’s testosterone levels can go.

    I haven’t watched a game in a couple of years now because of all the BS attached to the sport these days.

  2. The NFL shot themselves in the heads years ago and with this crap only are digging the grave much deeper than the normal six feet. What few people they have attending/watching the games will decrease even further as King Roger continues to listen to his NYC/LA lawyer/SJW buddies.

    I think it’s just a matter of time before the King MANDATES that some team rehire Colin K.

  3. When I first saw this as a headline, I consider the source, CNN. So I just glossed over it, just as I do with thehill, huffpoo, WAPOO, dailybeast, etc, etc,,. Now will look forward to following the non-watched ratings. Guess new contract condition for unemployed Kappi will be having a kneeling fluffier during the anthem.

  4. Yeah. No.
    So, what about the little girl’s dream of growing up to become a Dallas Cheerleader? Was her spot given to a male dancer so now she is denied her dream job-by a man?
    What are they thinking?!?

  5. The NFL and I are divorced.
    I’ve seen nothing – nothing – to make me reconsider.
    Quite the opposite.

  6. Make me puke.That dude did a gay
    cheer dance.Commie politically correct
    libtards ruin everything.Car racing & baseball
    for me.

  7. If they want “gender equality” (sic), they should force 51% of the players on the field to be female.

    Put up, or shut up, b!tches.

  8. HE is right, but fans turn a blind eye when players pat each other on the ass. Actually, I can’t stand football. 60,000 people in the stands cheering…do you REALLY need a squad of people to lead the cheers?

  9. I began losing interest years ago when they started covering for more and more criminals just be cause they could play well. It didn’t help that many players began mouthing off about their political views and now they want to push the gay agenda.
    I don’t miss it one bit and anyone who is a fan after all this is a diehard jock sniffer.

  10. The NFL wasn’t satisfied with a stake through its heart. It felt it needed a few extra nails in its coffin.

  11. Saturday Night Live did it back in 1995 with their funny characters The Spartan Cheerleaders, featuring Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri.

  12. Be changin the team names next: Fudge Packers and the Teddy Bears.

    As a man that whole video struck me as wrong in so many ways. If you’re going to have men as cheerleaders then let them be men not faux women.

  13. Grasshoppers…you seek the truth…the Marxists control the sports and entertainment nexus and they are deliberately killing what was a masculine team sport…hetro men with rugged individual skills are toxic
    anethmas and must be destroyed. Remember what swishy mouse dick did to our military as your template and you will see the same destiny for the NFL..

  14. I get my news at IOTW, and this is my shocked face to find out that the NFL still exists. Huh, imagine that.

    And it is the guy in the pink shirt sounding the alarm here?

  15. As far as I’m concerned they can have a chorus line of limp wristed faggots shaking their pom poms. I have not and will not participate.

    Just another bold step to “normalize” deviant, immoral behavior.
    Oh, how wonderful to have them as role models and idols for our young boys who are now vilified and led to be sensitive, compliant, little pussies.

  16. I actually belly laughed at that dude in the Vid….Both times!

    I’m sure New Orleans Black Community will take Him/it onto

    their Bosoms on Game Day.

  17. OK, my take. The white guy is right. The two broads are over the top PC. The black guy calls NFL fans “a bunch of drunken jerks.” How cool is that? I won’t be watching.
    NFL, RIP.

  18. I cannot stand women who scream “wooooooooo” at an obvious homosexual, as if they are responding to the male/female sexual dynamic.

    Are they that stupid, or are they trying to deliberately blur the lines of heterosexuality for political reasons?

    Are they just showing pity?

    What is the agenda?

  19. The NFL is just hell bent on being politically correct and allowing what is probably a minority to turn their product into a platform for disgruntled leftists and those that want to push a new order of gender roles instead of delivering a product their consumers want. It is fascinating to watch them jump over themselves to make their product irrelevant.

  20. The historical purpose of male cheerleaders is to hold the girls on their shoulders and look up their skirts, right?
    With male cheerleaders, it looks like there’ll be more sandwich-and-beer breaks this season.
    Fur, How ya doin’?

  21. The feminazis are trying to replace those women with men, and destroy cheerleading. Just like the ‘no swimsuits’ miss America, etc.
    Women, much more than men, are the ones who keep other women down in life.

  22. WHOA!! No swimsuits on Miss America? Hey! I’m for that. Might make it interesting for a change. Now if they’d only allow the girls to demonstrate their BEST talents . . .

  23. Czar might be onto something…make the teams play all women on defense, scoring will go way up. As in NBA-type scores. Any woman who can actually tackle a man gets named player of the week. The woman defender who gets run over the most gets named player of the weak.

  24. So instead of getting to watch the Ben-Gals from Cincinnati, I get the Ben-Gays from the fortywhiners. No thanks!!

  25. I can just see the geniuses at the NFL board meeting in a year:

    “Our ratings have plummeted for the fourth year in a row, what can we do?”

    “There’s only one way to fix this; Transsexual cheerleaders!”

  26. oh, the ignorance of the publics reaction and the stupidity. One person saying its raing and 3 people screaming at him that the sun is shining.

    f;n stoopidity on display. wow

  27. And now coming on to the field ladies and gentlemen lets give a big hand to the FUDGEPACKERS!!!!!!!!!
    They’ll be defending their mediocre record today against the visiting team the FANCY PRANCERS…
    Both team captians will meet at the center of the field for scissors,paper, rock for the kickoff.

  28. Yeah, he can dance, but making Mr. Happy the focus of the squad by putting him front and center is a bad idea. He is the essence of the stereotypical gay man that every non-rigid non-PC normie does indeed laugh at. Do they cultivate that act? Because I know a number of gay men and women, and none of them embody the stereotype as emphatically as he does.

    But then, I could do without the cheerleaders altogether. When we were going to college games, as often as not, they were stacking up and getting in the way during a play you really wanted to see. We didn’t need them to tell us when to cheer, we needed them to stay low and STFU so we could see and hear the game.

    But that’s just me.

  29. Why can’t libs understand that success in business is all about knowing what your customers want and delivering it?! Stunning!

  30. Fur, I asked Mrs Critic her opinion as to why women do the whole “wooooo” thing when gays are acting really gay. She said it’s to mask their discomfort.

  31. HippieCritic

    Maybe. But I think most women would cuddle up to a gay guy because they want to share feelings with a non aggressive male. And when they get home they want, ah how should I say this, Spanked. Hard.

  32. Why is it that the queens act like they’re teen girls?
    I feel bad for the gays who act like the sex they’re born as and have their emotions in check. They shouldn’t be lumped in with the others.

  33. Perfect video to illustrate leftist bullying. If you don’t agree with them you’re the problem – not the issue at hand. The guy who actually knows the truth won’t have that job in a few months. I love his reaction and response. Brave guy.
    BTW, There are male cheerleaders who are not flaming queers and don’t perform like one. This is intentional, to further alienate the majority of people not interested in and/or repulsed by a deviant lifestyle. A convenient wedge used by progressive socialists to deconstruct and eliminate all aspects of a balanced conservative and moral society.
    As conservatives we are battling – virtue signaling, social justice demagogues, and politically correct intimidation. These socialist strongholds evetually cannot be sustained because they are based on lies.

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