Guy Throws Guy Off Bridge, On Camera, Tells Cop He Jumped

How many times can this guy lie in one story?

Derrick Gooden is shown throwing a man off a bridge in Daytona Beach, 30 feet into water. A Daytona Beach Police Department body cam shows the incident, which took place Sept. 23. The victim suffered only minor injuries.

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  1. Democrat and rino politicians keep getting away with constant lying – this guy is just following the example set by his “leaders.” Didn’t you know that lying is now okay?

  2. I’d like to know why the couple refused to press charges.
    Boy, they learn that line of the po-lice assaulted me very well. I wonder if he was that good at memorizing Shakespeare in school?

  3. Too bad. The way he lies he could have been a Politician or a major mainstream media figure. Instead he chose the path of criminals.

  4. The guy who got tossed is lucky he was on the old Main Street bridge. Most of the other small drawbridges have been replaced in the last 15-20 years with much taller spans. He probably wouldn’t have survived being thrown from one of them. This is also just another example of why Daytona is one of the most 3rd-worldiest cities in FL.

  5. When I was in early grade school (in a pretty strict Catholic school), I was always amazed by the Black kids. They would be caught red-handed doing something wrong and continually lie, even when it was ridiculously obvious that they’re lying. Their punishment would mount as they stuck to their story, but that never deterred them.

    This behavior was so unique to the black kids, that by the age of 6, I was fairly sure that they were stupid.

    To be fair, there was one black boy, with whom I’m still friends today, who wasn’t like this at all. He had great parents.

  6. No comment about the scene which looks clearly to be a black man throwing a white man over the bridge?

    Look at it in slow motion and stop it before the victim drops our of sight.

    White person thrown over, right? Or am I mistaken?

    Nothing to see here. Black guy lying to police (a crime in and of itself), committing a crime of battery and, perhaps, attempted murder, and, by the way, the target of the crime was white. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    Oh, and how long before Sharpton shows up and attorney Crump is hired to sue the police? 10,9,8,7….

    Just sayin’.

  7. Mascaro and 34-year-old Stephanie Ellis were walking across the bridge when Derrick Goodin approached them. Police said that Goodin began arguing with Ellis about money, and reportedly hit her. Mascaro stepped up to defend Ellis. Goodin allegedly threw Ellis’ bike off the bridge, before tossing Mascaro over the side as well. Mascaro hit the water face-first. Mascaro suffered only a small cut to his eye and refused medical treatment. He and Ellis also declined to press charges against Goodin.

    Fucking Cuck. Why not invite Goodin over that night to the house to fuck his girlfriend again.

  8. That cop almost died: when the criminal sat down, he thought of shooting it out, but changed his mind, turned his back and tossed the gun.

  9. @ HippieCritic, I cringe while writing this, but nothing has changed. Fortunately for my patience quotient, it’s a better ratio than I’ve seen some years, but they’ll* do something they’re not supposed to right in front of you and swear up and down they didn’t. I do not live in a district that observes corporal punishment. More’s the pity.

    *Exclusively black behavior in my experience. More to the point, no father in the home.


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