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Guy tries to rob Arizona restaurant – doesn’t go well for him

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A would-be robber in Arizona was stopped by several restaurant employees and the whole thing was caught on camera.

In the video, the crook can be seen standing behind a counter, armed with a knife and demanding money from employees. However, the workers were not amused and one of them decided to take action by throw a chair at the suspect. At least six employees then start attacking the man and subduing him until police arrive.

The crook did cut one of the employees with a box cutter which required 16 stitches.

The man is now facing charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault and burglary. He is currently being held on $50,000 bond.




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  1. After he cut, they should have knocked the camera out with the mop handle and cut his fucking throat.

  2. I live in Arizona and would run down and get a sammich from these guys right now…cept I live in Phoenix and they’re in Tucson…….GOOD ON YOU GUYS !!!

  3. “Now youse can’t leave” Haha,my favorite line of the movie! I think that video of that old Mexican Cowboy stopping and pounding that thief in that market is more satisfying though.

  4. @ferd; no sammiches at the Mi Nidito Restaurant. Just outstanding mex food and the best Carne Seca in the state! Worth the two hour drive for that plate!

  5. Needs more cow bell. I liked that guy whomping on him with his fist, and there was a pool of blood left on the floor, and that’s graphic?

  6. The guy had to be completely “drug-gone”, desperate or just too stupid to be alive. It’s not like he was trying to rob Flo or Alice in their pink uniforms and ruffled aprons. Notice the size of the guys he’s trying to rob!! What a moron.

  7. I bet about 1 minute into the thrashing, he wished he’d robbed a joint that allowed conceal carry, at least it would’ve been over quickly.

  8. The hell did all those fat dudes come from? I thought this was Arizona. Also, how the fudge did that kid survive? Again, Arizona.

    The takeaway from all this is that fat guys from Wisconsin who move to Arizona rarely pack heat.

    Oh, and that dumb ass kid needs to be sent back to New Mexico after he gets out of jail. A boxcutter? Really?

    All in all I can see why this made the news in Oklahoma but was skipped over by Tuscon news. Just….. not very Arizony. We’re more about “PEW!PEW!PEW!” and stuff like that.

  9. Okay, BFH, your linking this news story to, A Bronx Tale, a total fav of mine, was perfect. What I like most about this story is that then guys in this restaurant handled the situation like MEN. How awesome was that in the midst of a an American Soy Boy epidemic?

  10. Should have been taken out in a gut bucket, with the coroner having to strain the remains for fingerprints.


  11. You and me both Mr. balls. I knew this was gonna’ suck when I saw shorts on the fat guy.

    Pro Tip: no men in Arizona wears shorts.

  12. I hope one of ’em gave that scumbag a well deserved kick to the back of the sack as a going away consolation prize!!

  13. Pool of Blood at the end of the video! Right after the police picked his sorry ass off the floor.

    The bald guy got PISSED when the the perp knocked down the register.

    The guy with the chair should get co-ownership.

    They fought off a armed, albeit blade, meth-head with a chair and bare fists.

    I love these guys…it looked like something you would see on Tremont Ave in the Bronx in the old days…take care of business BEFORE the police show up, 45th Precinct.


  14. That’s what I’m sayin’ Bone, no way those chubby dudes dressed like 10 year olds are from Arizona.

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