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Guy Tries To Tow With His Brand New EV Truck

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  1. Anything other then normal driving with no accessories running like towing, AC, heater, defrost will drain your EV battery much quicker. Anyone buying these vehicles is entering the world of the unknown and experimenting with new technology. A lot of money to be a lab rat.

  2. Before you buy that EV, let’s simulate what it would be like (on average) using, as an example, a 2016 Ford Fiesta by converting it to perform like an EV!

    1) First, increase the purchasing price of your new simulated EV by multiplying the original Ford Fiesta dealer price (new) times 2.0 to 3.5 that off-the-lot price.
    2) Trade out your original Ford Fiesta gas tank for a four-gallon gas tank.
    3) Install the weight equivalent of four to six 150-pound passengers (to simulate the EV Lithium battery weight).
    4) Now, let’s see how much fun, and time and money you will save by:

    a.) Keeping your tank full from a gas pump that drivels a gallon of gas every hour (four hours per fill-up);
    b.) Driving up hills, towing a trailer, and/or, giving additional passengers a ride between fill-
    c.) And, most of all, replacing the battery every 3 to 5, or so, years that will cost almost as much as the original sales price of the entire vehicle, new!

    Now, THAT’s saving the Earth!!! Just ask Joe!

  3. Before you buy that EV, let’s consider you live in Tampa, and you just received a Mandatory Emergency Hurricane Evacuation Order. The power just went out.

    And you drive a Tesla…

  4. What is your time worth?

    We have a F150 SCREW 4×4 Lariat Ecoboost. Set the cruse control at 60 mph and it gets ~22 mpg. We can tow our towy hauler at 60 mph ~ 250 miles on a fill up and we have high passes to cross. I can unhitch it and pull up next to the fuel station on our toy hauler and fill the gas tank back up if I feel like it.

  5. How many EVs up in the Great White North? Wait til the temperature drops below zero (-18 C), the battery performance will be even worse!

  6. The Goobermint should provide all EV buyers with enough free corn ethanol to start the fire that leads to a total loss insurance claim.

    It would be the only fair way out of that mistake-us maximus.

  7. The gubmit controls the power grids, they don’t control the fossil feul distribution. Wise up, your ESG score will determine if you receive permission to charge up.

    They are working to eliminate your freedom of movement and assembly. The more they control, The more they control you.

    Climate change is the fig leaf of facism…

  8. bobdog – and it’s not just the evacuation order for Tampa. Most of the state could get flooded out. Bzzzzzzzt.

  9. Get the antique to pull the EV + trailer.
    That might work better.

  10. … and Jackass Joe sez he will make the military vehicles electric!
    Trust me when I tell ya, this is all part of a larger plan to make the West weak!

  11. I watch this guy’s youtube chanel all of the time. He’s Tyler Hoover of “Hoovies Garage”. He buys and sells mostly exotic vehicles and chronicles the nightmare that most of them are. He will occasionally buy something just to illustrate what a piece of sh*t they actually are and why you shouldn’t buy them. I think this is actually what he is doing in this video. The lightning truck was a safe buy for him because he knows the demand for those stupid things far outstrips Ford’s ability to build them right now and he can sell it quickly and probably make money on the sale.

  12. The Leftist mind can’t distinguish between a lofty idea, driven by their virtuous concerns, with plausibility. I think what happens is their little hearts swell thinking about what a wonderful person they are and it deprives their brain of much needed oxygen for rational thought.

  13. What, did the hamster die?

    Eliminating fosil fuels once again ties the serfs to the land.

    You can’t have the plebiscite running lose and hob knobbing with the elite.

    Know your place.

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