Guys, What Would You Give Up To Avoid Prostate Cancer?

Would you stop eating meat if someone told you vegans have a 35 percent lower prostate cancer rate?


I’m afraid my brain would shrivel to the size of a chick pea if I gave up meat.

A study funded by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) using 26,000 men looked at prostate cancer rates in relation to whether a man was on a meat, fish and vegan diet.



Gee science people, you think there might be some other factors like genetics, exercise, weight, smoking, drinking, etc., etc., etc. that could be co-related to prostate cancer too?  Correlation ain’t Causation

I’d give the study more weight if the men were randomly sampled then put on these diets for 10 or 20 years.

I, for one volunteer for the meat diet, so long as the WCFR pays.

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  1. You don’t have to give up anything to avoid prostate cancer.

    However, it may be a wise idea to add pumpkin seeds to your diet… Just a few handfuls a week.

  2. Just stop eating the meats that are loaded with nitrates and nitrites. Start using supplements like Curcumin, green tea and other anti-oxidants, and go heavy on the cold-pressed olive oil.
    Stay away from meats that are loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones. Quit the sugar too. Cancer loves sugar.

    The biblical diet is the healthiest diet.

  3. What other correlations did the study turn up? It might well be that vegans have 30% lower probability of prostate cancer but 90% higher probability of being insufferable jerks.

  4. A vegan diet is unnatural. It is unsustainable except in tropical climates. Outside of area that have a year-round growing season, it is impossible.

    Meat protean is essential for certain bodily functions, including brain chemistry and, despite claims to the contrary, cannot effectively be replaced with vegetable protean.

    In short veganism is about as healthy as sodomy.

  5. The older I get the more I realize that “experts” generally don’t know WTH they are talking about, and especially today, their opinions are about some kind of agenda. Veganism is a religion where they want to control or tell other people what to eat. Makes them feel like they are doing something important.

  6. How about having your Estrogen levels checked. Prostate cancer feeds on Estrogen. Men should limit Estrogen rich foods.

  7. I’m trying to find the actual study results in PubMed. This looks like it:

    Am J Clin Nutr. 2016 Jan;103(1):153-60. doi: 10.3945/ajcn.114.106450. Epub 2015 Nov 11.
    Are strict vegetarians protected against prostate cancer?

    Unfortunately it looks like we may not have access to the full text. I put in a request to the library staff so maybe I can get my hands on it in a day or two.

    Maybe BFH will let me fisk it for you once I get it.

  8. My husbands male doctor tells him to have lots of sex. Said thats the secret to not getting prostate trouble.

  9. Nobody gets out alive.

    Children die, old people die, vegans die, carnivores die, cowards die, brave men die, good people die, bad people die, sexists die, feminazis die, socialists die, Freedom-loving people die … seems to be a pattern, here …

    Live well, eat well, die well.

  10. Considering there are no real long term vegans…. 90% of vegans give it up after less than 2 years of bragging to their friends how awesome it is and great they feel. The other 10% have no friends because no one likes an asshole.

  11. Guy’s, What Would You Give Up To Avoid Prostate Cancer?

    Nothing. I’m a meat & potatoes man; a gin & tonic man; a peach cobbler & coffee man, and a brass & lead man.

    Vegans eat like faggots.

  12. I got this health thing in the bag..
    See, I pay attention when the experts play their chin music
    I just wont:
    Eat eggs because cholesterol,
    Drink Red Wine because tannin’s and sulfides
    Eat MSG because who the hell knows
    Use salt because Salt = Bad
    Trans fats because it says fat in it
    Carbohydrates because Fat People
    Coffee because caffeine

    Those people, they know. They went to college and stuff.

  13. “I’m afraid my brain would shrivel to the size of a chick pea if I gave up meat.”
    I’m afraid something else would shrivel to the size of a chick pea if I gave up meat

  14. My plan is to not give up anything. Quite simply we are all going to die at some point (sorry snowflakes it’s true). I’m going to do the things that I enjoy as often as possible, when my time is up…well my time is up.

  15. Every man over 40 should know what his PSA number is and have 1 blood test a year checking it, T level and estradiol.

  16. @harbqll – A lot of authors of journal papers will send you an email copy of their work if you ask nicely. Something along the lines of “I’m interested in your paper on _____ but don’t have the funds to subscribe to the journal or pay for access. Would you be so kind…..”

  17. @Al – our library is pretty good at getting articles for us within a day or two. And it looks like MEDCOM has a subscription, I just can’t get into it from the lab for some reason.

  18. Vietvet; Frank was clear about it, and his son wrote an essay about it. I can’t imagine what the disagreement would be. (I won’t bother with Yahoo, or Wankerpedia, some sources are so bad that they are not even wrong)
    He was talking to his dog about conceptual reality.
    The apostrophe is real, but what is it by itself?
    It is defined by it’s circumstance and position, has no meaning alone, but is still real.
    Kind of like Barry Soetoro.

  19. @JohnS: I see what you are saying. I went out on the Interwebz and read the comments by the lesser of two – excuse me, one – Dweezils, but I am still confused a bit about what Frank is positing here. I mean, once we agree that an apostrophe has no meaning other than the context in which we use it, then so what? Does any word or symbol have a meaning outside of itself and the context in which it is used?

    This is why I quit having conversations with my dog. The sonofabitch backs me into a logical corner every time.


  20. How about having your Estrogen levels checked. Prostate cancer feeds on Estrogen. Men should limit Estrogen rich foods.

    Replace estrogen with testosterone and you would be correct. One of the therapies to slow prostate cancer uses estrogen to counteract testosterone and other androgens in the body.

  21. Vietvet; That is ‘contextual reality’.
    Contextual reality is a logic trap.
    It happens in politics all the time.
    A politician can hand out a policy paper, or post it on the internet. Then make statements that deny it.
    When called on it, they, or their supporters ‘put it in context’, usually with a straw man.
    Frank was prescient, as he was later forced to testify in congress (by Al Gore’s wife) about what a fictional girl in one of his songs was thinking while practicing ‘provocative squats’.
    The girl didn’t exist, no squats were actually done, and a fictional person does not think.

  22. Grass fed beef is the way to go. Not hamburgers made from the meat of a thousand hormone & antibiotic injected assembly-line cows. Chances of picking up a bug from one of 1,000 cows is a lot higher than eating the same way our ancestors ate for thousands of years. Cows eat grass naturally.
    You can taste the difference.

  23. Unruly; The ‘ancestors’ you speak of had lifespans under 40 years.
    At 61, it is far too late for me to back to that lifestyle.

  24. JohnS, that’s a weak argument that I hear all the time. I’ve traced my ancestors back to the 1700s and those who were not killed in war most often lived into their 90s. I’ve got it on paper with lots of documentation.

    The old ways were better in many ways. Food was much healthier 200 years ago. Let the government fuck with anything and you end up with shit.


  25. @JohnS, and I’m just a year behind you. I was told by doctors to get my affairs in order 20 years ago. That’s when I started researching healthier living. It’s never too late bro.

  26. After all the healthy, kale, tofu, vegan diet, the gym and marathons, aren’t you going to feel silly, lying in your hospital bed, dying of. . . . . .. nothing?

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