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Gwyneth Paltrow- Ozonehole


Oscar-winning actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow revealed in a recent interview that she inserts ozone up her butt for “wellness.”

After being asked “What’s the weirdest wellness thing that you’ve done?” by Dr. Will Cole during her recent appearance on his The Art of Being Well podcast, Paltrow said, “I have used ozone therapy, rectally.”

“Can I say that? It’s pretty weird, but it’s been very helpful,” the Thanks for Sharing star added, laughing.

Rectal ozone therapy refers to the practice of inserting “medical grade ozone directly into the colon via the rectum,” according to the ozone therapy website,

The rectal ozone therapy seeks to boost oxygen efficiency, balance the immune system, reduce oxidative stress, improve blood circulation, and “detoxify the body on a cellular level,” the website adds.

“There may potentially be a role for ozone therapy someday, but right now it hasn’t been studied enough,” Cleveland Clinic pulmonologist Vickram Tejwani said in December about this type of therapy.

“We need more data on the potential side effects, which could be severe, before we start offering it as a mainstream therapy or treatment,” Tejwani added.


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  1. I thought Ozone came from big, tall fans that could oscillate and run off 5 volt USB Keys.

    How’d they make it so small?
    A KeyFOB rectally?
    Shark Tanks.

  2. Uncle Al
    MARCH 16, 2023 AT 10:18 PM
    “Ozone at ground level evidently causes smug.”


    ht tps://

  3. “Sometimes all I need is the air that you queef ….” I guess she lives her life like a fagina candle in the wind. Her latest husband might not hit her G spot, but at least he’s in the zone.

  4. It’s hard to imagine how a lady that could be attractive, is independently wealthy, could end up being almost repulsive. Is anyone attracted to her? It’s hard to imagine.

  5. Does she blow the ozone up her ass at the same time as she is steaming her cooter?

    All kidding aside, we used to get warned in shop class not to horse around with the compressed air. Heard horror stories about guys sticking to air gun in sombodys ass and pulling the trigger. Maybe SNS can weigh in.

  6. Tony R

    I can weigh in. It’s called air embolism. And it’s real. Don’t screw around with high pressure air hoses.

  7. Now do hydrogen… then fart just a little bit on one of your lit twat candles and show us your Hindenberg impression.

  8. So, she admits to just blowing smoke up her own butt.

    Wasn’t ozone “a known carcinogen” at one point?


  9. For water purification we have machines that use a corona discharge to produce ozone.
    Any electrical discharge, or spark will create ozone. The spark will split the oxygen molecule (O2) found in ambient air into elemental oxygen (O). These Oxygen atoms will quickly bind to another oxygen molecule (O2) to form ozone (O3).

    Therefore, I recommend Gwyneth should a sparkplug up her ass for optimum results…

  10. Purveyors of ozone therapy have, in the recent past, been subject to prosecution and imprisonment. What are the chances this pampered celebrity is at any risk from the FDA?

    Gwyneth Paltrow is a quack, a snake oil con artist that preys on weak, often vulnerable, wannabees. She should have been thrown in jail years ago. The fact that she hasn’t emboldens her.

    On the other hand, ozone in medicine has shown a lot of potential but the FDA reflexively blocks it, partly because of its snake oil history and partly because it is difficult to monetize. The FDA is not driven purely by science. It is a political animal driven by the pursuit of power, wealth and prestige. Science is only useful to them when it supports their position.

  11. What a moron.
    A narcissistic moron.
    I guess people pay attention to her because she’s so fucking stupid she’s amusing.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Tony R MARCH 16, 2023 AT 11:36 PM
    “Does she blow the ozone up her ass at the same time as she is steaming her cooter?

    All kidding aside, we used to get warned in shop class not to horse around with the compressed air. Heard horror stories about guys sticking to air gun in sombodys ass and pulling the trigger. Maybe SNS can weigh in.”

    …although I have worked around compressed air basically my whole adult life, and although I have had patients who had a variety of rectally inserted items, I can’t say that I ever personally saw those two things combined. Brad is quite correct in what one of the possible sequelae could be though, and I would be interested if he’d flesh that out a bit (so to speak) as to what sorts of examples he may have seen.

    Generally speaking, though, you do not want to use non-medical compressed air for ANYTHING involving the human body, including blowing your clothes off with it as is quite common on most shop floors. The air is not particuarly clean and may have oil, water, tramp material scavenged from inside pipes and compressors, and other disagreeable/toxic substances in it because it isn’t typically in any way filtered, and the force of the compressed air will drive these items into your skin and bloodstream along with whatever is in the cloth you are trying to “blow off” in the first place. This can cause infections, skin lesions, various types of blood posioning, etc., that are not worth getting the dust off with.

    And I can’t imagine how unpleasant it would be to inflate your colon with it. You’d very likely blow something out and die in a most agonizing fashion.

    For these and other reasons, do not, under any circumstances, use high pressure air inside or outside your body.

    …that said, there are LEGIT ways and reasons to actually inflate a colon on PURPOSE, but only with medical grade equipment and highly decontaminated air. This is usually done for things like colonoscopy, and even THEN they do issue warnings like this…

    “Risks of the procedure
    Every procedure has some risks and possible problems. For virtual colonoscopy, these include:

    A small, short tube is placed into your anus so that air can be pumped into your colon. This inflates your colon so that polyps or other growths are more easily seen. Pumping air into the colon carries a very small risk that it may cause a tear (rupture). But the risk is thought to be less than with regular colonoscopy.”
    ht tps://,cause%20a%20tear%20(rupture).

    …but is IS an actual medical practice to do so, as long as it is, again, done with equipment specifically designed for that purpose and monitored by people who are trained and know what they are doing pre, intra, and post procedure and with siginficant warnings as to what to look for afterwards to suspect if damage was done even despite all the controls.

    I am not familiar with rectally inserted ozone and I don’t know anything about medical grade ozone or if there even is such a thing, but if there’s medical grade O2 there’s proably no reason there can’t be medical grade O3, although good luck getting Anthem or Humana to pay for someone to inflate your colon with it, as it’s a pretty off-label use with very dubious benefits and some pretty dangerous potential side effects.

    But then you could say that about the Jab too, so there’s that.

    …be that as it may, if you look at rectal ozone inflation from a simple risk/benefit standpoint, you’d have to be insane to actually WANT to do that, and very rich to pay someone to do it TO you in a medical environment as opposed to in an hourly hotel in the Hollywood hills or in the back room of a Tijuana bodega.

    …but insane and rich is kind of Gweneth Partlow’s brand, so here we are…

  13. …BTW, after a colonoscopy, you WILL have uncontrollable flautulence in the recovery room for awhile as the air exits your intestines through the nearest available outlet. I would think someone as obsessed with lower body odors as Gwen seems to be wouldn’t want that.

    …unless she, like most celebrities, is under the mistaken impression that her shit doesn’t stink…

  14. …also, I’ve heard of this bint before, but I couldn’t actually think of anything she did, so I looked her up. What a retarded bunch of movies.

    ht tps://

    …and people PAY her for this?

    …althogh I suppose it could be seen as an impressive talent in a way and an extension of her interests of all things alimentary that she can shit on entire audiences through a movie projector, so I guess that’s kind of a skill…

  15. Her next venture will be selling her ozone farts in a bottle. Heh, a vagina smelling candle wasn’t enough! Wealth must be drying up, they’re reaching now for money. There’s no limit. I was hoping more would be dropping dead from the jab. Instead, it made some more stupider.

  16. A guy using an air powered grease gun accidentally stuck the needle in his thumb and filled it the size of a lemon. A painful process to get cleaned out.

  17. Maybe her next endeavor will be the insertion of Lithium and Sterno up her rectum. Surely that would clean out the old intestines real good.


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