The Modern Left- Feelings trump reality. Misspelling words is “creative.”

Vodkapundit does a magnificent job of laying out the story of a young woman being corrected for her spelling by her editor boss.

You won’t believe how this conversation goes. It’s stunning. The participation trophy generation has been unleashed into the jobs market, and it’s frightening.

When you meet a dog who flinches from being petted, you can be pretty sure they’re abused at home. When you run across an adult-aged human who can’t take constructive criticism, you can be pretty sure they never got any from their parents, or maybe even not from their teachers. But the saddest part of this tale is that no one ever loved this young woman enough to provide her the guidance and discipline everyone needs to cope in the real world. – vodkapundit

I think this girl’s hampster died on the wheel that powers her brain.

Read the entire thing HERE

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  1. what ‘perplexes’ me the most is … why do we put up w/ this crap? … are we that concerned about ‘feelings’ that we must play this game?
    (want me to tell you why? because freekin’ ‘Human Resources’ doesn’t function w/out controversy. they thrive on it because it keep their budgets ever higher w/ more & more controversy. they promote this crap so much it has taken over human interaction in the workplace)

    btw … why does EVERY FREEKIN’ SITE ON THE INTERNET think that they have to quote EVERY FREEKIN’ TWEET before, or after they screen capture it????? … one of the most annoying things on the ‘net … ever!

    bitch, bitch, bitch

  2. Thank you for this, BFH. This is just sad. And the use of the phone to continue a disagreement passive-aggressively is a new phenomenon which I have personally witnessed. It used to be that the woman would tell you to “talk to the hand”. Now they just call somebody and talk about you on the phone. Or pretend to call somebody. I don’t know or care. It’s demented behavior either way.

  3. “…why does EVERY FREEKIN’ SITE ON THE INTERNET think that they have to quote EVERY FREEKIN’ TWEET before, or after they screen capture it????????”

    Amen, brother. WTH is up with that?

  4. I retired from ExxonMobil 6.5 years ago after thirty-two years of service. Many years before I retired, there was a big effort to push minorities into salary positions which required writing detailed and concise instructions and to speak to groups of people to effectively communicate the material. Sadly, many of the minorities weren’t up to the task as they simply could not spell and could not use words in their proper context. The presentations they gave turned out to be more like comedy skits as people tried to sit through them trying to repress their urge to giggle at the pitiful display of their ineptitude. The company never did a thing to proof read the material and have them correct the content because they didn’t want to embarrass the minorities and discourage them from wanting to participate. I was so damned happy when I retired.
    When I worked at SAC Headquarters during my time in the Air Force, I was required to type intelligence reports about what I was seeing on satellite imagery. I was twenty-two at the time and I took pride in what I wrote because I knew it reflected upon me. I made sure there were no misspellings and that the content was concise and accurate and professionally written. SAC expected nothing less and it was good working for such an organization.

  5. I don’t see anyone noticing that ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ’s post is missing capitalization of the first letter of a sentence.

  6. This is so refreshing! It’s a silly story that encapsulates what I have experienced in my last job. I trained readers to score student essays (English writing) and met with state DOE and teachers to set the standards we used to score the essays.

    I can assure you that this poor deluded worker’s reaction to finding out her feelings and spelling preferences are not uncommon. I have had teachers tell me, after I showed them the correct rules IN THEIR OWN STATE’S standardized rules book, that they didn’t care what the correct rule was. One teacher told me that she teaches it the way she always taught it and won’t change.


  7. @Dogbert: We noticed. We were just too smart to mention it.

    P.S. – You can expect a call from ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ’s Mom soon.



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