Ha Ha – Antifa Dope Trying To Deface Statue Slips and Falls

Ht/ woody

Guess the Injury …

I say he broke his arm.

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  1. Could be his arm, but to me it looks like he fell on his right hip. If so, from that height he could easily have busted the ball off the top of his femur and/or smashed the socket in his pelvis. That would be bad news for him, but for me I admit not really caring much.

  2. F4U, that gives me an idea. Patriots should go grease down every statue and pedestal they can find. A couple of Pump sprayers with a water/oil mix should do the trick in a minute, man.

  3. He may have broken his arm but he may have broken the bank too.

    Even after 33% goes to his attorney this guy won’t have to work for the rest of his life. The city will be hit with a lawsuit charging negligence for having the statue accessible for climbing. They’ll settle the $10 million dollar suit for an undisclosed amount because it will be less costly that defending themselves.

    Ironically, under the form of government that asshole wants, he’d be shot in the head for attempting to deface a statue.

  4. @Thirdtwin – A 55 gal drum of Timkin bearing grease should work. It works on the poles of bird feeders to keep the tree rats out of the feeders.

  5. There are many people whose lives don’t matter to me at all.

    Not a single Marxist’s life matters to me one little bit. I wish on them worse than falling off statues and getting hurt.

  6. Sick of it all,

    Not so fast. As the idiot is breaking the law and the city is not enforcing laws at this moment the city’s insurance won’t cover that claim which means any payout will come out of the city’s budget. That they will fight because which department is going to stand idol as their budget is slashed to pay of this looser.

  7. If that’s a measure of the intelligence of the antifa bums, we should have no problem whipping them if it comes to a civil war.

    Two Antifa “soldiers” are sitting in a foxhole.

    Antifa Bum #1: Dude, I don’t think the National Guard is coming tonight. Let’s smoke some dope.

    Antifa Bum #2: Dude, let’s do it.

    Five minutes later:

    Antifa Bum #1: Wow…something just whizzed by over my head…what the fuck was that?

    Antifa Bum #2: Man, I don’t know…maybe a tiny UFO with tiny aliens inside?

    Antifa Bum #1: Maybe…or maybe one of those murder hornets going at supersonic speed?

    Antifa Bum #2: That’s awesome…lets stand up and look…maybe we can spot one next time.

    In the next instant, a lot of blood and (some) brains were splattered all over the foxhole.

  8. Ouch!!

    I’m probably the nearest real thing to an empath this side of sci-fi. Can’t even watch America’s Funniest Home Videos!

    That was a long way to fall. Good that he didn’t do a nose dive and hit his head, then he would probably be dead.

  9. @ AbigailAdams JUNE 29, 2020 AT 12:15 PM

    I was disappointed that he didn’t do a nose dive and hit head first

  10. I hope it was a hip or shoulder he broke and not just an arm. That will take much longer to recover from and he will be off the “battlefield”.

  11. I have to admit I winced when he hit – and then applauded. Does that make me sadistic? I don’t care.

  12. @JDHasty — In your heart of hearts, do you really mean that?
    Looks like a fairly young guy who made a stupid mistake. Now, hopefully, he’ll grow up a little and figure out some things just aren’t worth it.

    I’m sure he’ll be laid up long enough to have some contemplative time. 😉

  13. The only thing better would be if he had fallen on top of another douchebag. Kill two shitbirds with one stoner, so to speak.

  14. …everyone picked out the orthapedic injuries, and those are all good, but the BIGGEST possible problems AREN’T orthopedic.

    Any time you fall or hit something, there’s TWO impacts.

    Your head hits the ground,
    Your brain hits the inside of your skull.

    Granted his brain wasn’t working too well anyway, but it WAS allowing him to do things like walk, see, be an asshole, etc., that now may be beyond his abliities. Hitting in the rear like that would have invovled the back of his brain, so maybe vision and balance, but also there would be closed-head trauma with at LEAST swelling and probably bleeding and your skull does NOT accomodate either, so it could EASILY cripple or kill him completely even IF he gets up from the initial impact.

    His skull itself is also most likely fractured, maybe in more than ome place, and depending on exactly where and how he hit he may have damaged or dislocated his jaw (even if he hit FLAT it’s not bolted on, so it WOULD continue moving rearward even when his head STOPS), and probably broke a tooth or two as well, which gets even MORE interesting if he aspirates the broken material as it can make an abcess and/or a very, very wicked infection in the lung it goes into pretty soon.

    ALso, you could jack your HEART up, IT’S not bolted in either. Your heart is hanging in your chest inside its own sac, the pericardum, and can ALSO continue to move AFTER most of you STOPS, meaning it can smash itself into your spine. This could tear the pericardium itself and/or put small tears in muscules and vessels within the pericardium, which will cause it to fill with blood to where it starts to put pressure on the heart in what is called “Pericardial Tamponade”. If not quickly relieved by letting the blood OUT with a chest tube, it will make it impossible for your heart to pump and kill you THAT way. Your heart is most probably bruised in any case, and so suceptible to electro-mechanical dissociation that makes the heart electrically excitable and may disrupt your normal sinus rhythm.

    Then there’s your lungs.

    GUARENTEE he broke some ribs and maybe his back, perhaps fractures, perhaps more. Again depending on how you land and what you land on, you CAN flail an ENTIRE section of your ribs loose, to where you have ribs broken on BOTH ends and just sitting all pointy in your muscles, able to turn and poke your actual lungs with every breath. This too can cause bleeding, maybe SEVERE bleeding, but also can fill your pleural space (sac around your lungs) with blood and/or air, which can cause a tension pneumothorax if it’s air, or a tension hemothorax if it’s blood, or a tension pneumohemothorax if it’s both. The “Tension” part comes in because the blood and/or air fills typically the pleural space of ONE lung, disabling THAT lung becuase it can’t expand any more against the pressure, and then the tension comes in becuase it pushes EVERYTHING over to the undamaged side, actually visible from the outside by looking at the throat because your larynx and trachea (voicebox and windpipe) get pushed over to one side, which can make breathing labored or cause IT to collapse as well. You are in deep, dark trouble if someone doesn’t jam a chest tube in you for THAT as well, which is REALLY unpleasant as I found out on a patient on my FIRST DAY IN THE HOSPITAL, but that’s a different story for another day…

    …so, to summaraze, maybe he’ll walk again, maybe he WON’T. In THAT position, though, after THAT kind of fall, you should be more worried about maybe you’re gonna LIVE or not and because the swelling and bleeding can happen over time, just becuase you’re alive NOW doesn’t mean you will be LATER…

    …but who knows, maybe he’ll live and maybe it knocked the stupid out of him. We can pray for that, since THAT would DEFINITELY be a miracle from God if it DID…

  15. Thirdtwin
    JUNE 29, 2020 AT 12:50 PM

    As Ricky in TPB used to say, “getting two birds stoned at once.”

  16. …he probably broke his back too.

    The poiky things that stick up in your back like vestigial dinosaur spines are called “Spinus Processes”, and your spinal cord sits just behind them and in front of your vertibrae, it doesn’t run down the middle of your vertribrae like Man would design it. It looks like this;

    You can see this isn’t mounted real sturdy onto your backbone, and the bone isn’t particuarly dense, so it’s not hard to fracture these or completely break them away, leaving them free to poke all over the place with sharp bone edges, including into your spinal cord, and this can leave you, again, a variety of types of paralyzed or outright dead even days later, if it isn’t stabilized and pokes the wrong thing. The higher the level, the worse, generally below C2 being paralysis and at or above being death becuase you’re breathing muscles can’t get instructions now, either. This is usually kinda linear, like if you get a lower break you lose your legs and higher arms AND legs, but there’s a thing called “Central Cord Syndrome” where damage makes your cord swell internally instead of actually parting, which CAN in some cases make your ARMS paralyzed and your LEGS still work.

    He could also have cracked vertibrae, slipped disks, ripped disks, swollen disks, etc., each of which has its own joys, none of them very pleasant, and all requiring expensive medical care.

    No matter how you look at this, he’s done serious structural damage, and just because he’s not paralyzed or dead today doesn’t mean he won’t be tomorrow. Bet he’s walking around with racooon eyes at the very least, probably pretty unsteady, and with lots and lots of puking through shattered teeth, which he can ALSO aspirate and cause an abscess…

    …the takeaway here is, don’t climb on statues. This is why your MOTHER teaches you that the FIRST time she takes you to the museum.
    Seems this guy could have used a bit more instruction on that, though…

    …no matter what, dude’s NOT gonna be climbing any more statues any time soon. On to the next fool..

  17. so his white privilege failed him?

    Do white kids fall as fast as blacks?

    Does this prove gravity isnt racist?

    He didnt bounce much, i assume SNS’s explanation of blunt force trauma may be in full effect too.

    (so many attempts at humor and failing. I may have broken something too.)

  18. Humpty Dumpty climbed on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

  19. Maybe he could share a hospital room with the one-nut wonder; they deserve each other’s company.

    Next up: Nancy Pelosi proposes giving these guys disabled veterans benefits.

  20. SNS summed it up admirably. Just hope the puke gets to check ‘all of the above’ on his chart.

  21. Why is there no audio? I wanted to hear his soy boy screams on the way down and hopefully the sound of his skull cracking upon impact.

  22. Wouldn’t be concerned if he was injured. He deserves lots of pain and suffering for being a total moron.


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