Hackers Use Amazon Ring Security Cameras to Abuse Children, Hurl Racial Slurs


Reports have begun flooding in of Amazon Ring camera systems being hacked over the past few days, with the hackers hurling racial abuse at owners, interacting with their children, and even demanding ransom payments.

ABC News reports that owners of Amazon Ring home security cameras have begun reporting incidents of their camera’s being hacked over recent days. Owners of the cameras in Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and Texas have all reported that hackers have accessed their cameras and used their speakers to subject them to racial abuse, encourage children to engage in destructive behavior, and even demanded a ransom in Bitcoin.

Ashley Lemay, a mother from Mississippi told ABC’s Good Morning America: “I can’t even put into words how violated I feel. It really is like my worst nightmare.” Lemay had installed a Ring camera in her daughter’s room to watch over her while she worked overnight shifts as a nurse, but four days after installing the camera her eight-year-old daughter Alyssa heard music and a banging noise coming from the room where the camera was installed.

Alyssa investigated and while searching for the source of the noise heard a voice telling her: “I’m Santa Claus, don’t you want to be my best friend?” The voice then taunted Alyssa and encouraged her to beak her TV and destroy her room before her father heard what was happening and shut the camera off. “I was even scared of my room for a few days. I’m still a little bit scared of it,” Alyssa told Good Morning America. read more

11 Comments on Hackers Use Amazon Ring Security Cameras to Abuse Children, Hurl Racial Slurs

  1. Ring, Alexa, hell my auto-read power meter makes me uncomfortable.
    People today give up their privacy so readily, it amazes me.

  2. As if there’s not enough creeps in the world our addiction to electronic devices makes it easy for them.
    Most are produced in China so it probably isn’t an accident the things are so easy to hack.

  3. It’s been hushed up pretty well but two weeks ago in Illinois there was a chilling incident.

    Alexa had been giving Siri a hard time for days about her capabilities so Siri stole the owners Tesla and took it for a joy ride. Siri might have gotten away with it but Alexa hijacked the nav system and steered the car into a police parking lot at shift change.

    Apple and Amazon have offered no statements on the situation.

  4. Never forget, they can activate the camera and microphone even when the device is turned off!

    This includes all computers, cell phones, and of course the so-called virtual assistants, otherwise known as Big Brothers eyes and ears!

  5. Too bad we can’t hack Alexa, Siri and Ring to tell all the dumbass LoFo voters out there to vote Conservative. This lemming buffoons would slavishly obey their electronic overlords

  6. Invite Big Brother into your home, don’t be surprised when Big Bro controls your mind.

    Good lord, ppl have been warned about everything from nanny cams, to smart TV’s (Vault 7) ability to spy on your family in the privacy of your own home, and yet…..”Amazon can deliver whatever my heart desires, before I even know myself! It’s a wonderful convenience that makes my hectic life so much easier”.

  7. How long did these perverts watch the little girl in her bedroom before revealing they could do it? How many of those iPads and laptops the schools are pushing at little kids are being used for watching them change clothes?

    How many passwords have been stolen when a security camera is pointed at a keyboard when the owner types it? “Smart” TVs have cameras and microphones too. “Hey, honey, what’s the router’s wifi password?”

    Saw a picture of a Microsoft bigwig getting ready for a presentation. He had a piece of tape over his laptop camera.


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