Hacking The Scammers

There’s a person on YouTube, Jim Browning, who specializes in targeting call center scammers and exposing them. Pretending to be a potential victim, Browning puts spyware on the scammers computer while they attempt to do the same to him. Once inside, the hacker demonstrates how these thieves operate and just how common this particular fake help center has become. Watch

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  1. Scam revolts is way better. He gets into their computer and deletes files then puts a syskey on their shit. He then proceeded to laugh at them and calling them names in their native language while giving them a lesson on ethics. It’s hilarious.


  2. Talked to one who advised I pay them some ridiculous amount of money to fix my computer. I told them I paid $80.00 for it and would rather buy a new one. They then said my address was fouled so a new one wouldn’t help. My other computer was still working well so I called the final woman a filthy Paki and she immediately hung-up.

  3. Hubby has had these alerts on his computer at least twice. I told him Microsoft doesn’t contact you. They don’t give a sh*t. Had to unplug the damn thing to shut down the ALARM. So annoying. Glad to see Jim Browning going after these f*cks.

  4. I watch things like this and come crashing right back down to earth. I felt like hot shit for a week because after all these years on IOTW I finally have an avatar and these avengers are taking down whole computer systems.

  5. Outstanding work! If you get one of these bogus alerts (I have), just press Ctrl/Alt/Delete simultaneously and then task manager. Then hit the end task button and it will delete.

  6. I have seen some videos where the guy tells them the street they are working on. That usually spooks them pretty good.

  7. I use Macrium Reflect (free) once a week to make total backup of the hard drive.
    I the drive dies or gets virused, I get a new drive and 30 minutes later, back to where it was at the beginning of the week.

  8. ” Browning puts spyware on the scammers computer … ”

    On the one hand, putting spyware on someone else’s computer is reprehensible and may be illegal as well depending on how it is done and how it is used.

    On the other hand, and most importantly, turnabout is fair play.


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