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Had Enough? Sellout Repubocrats Must be Defeated

BigGovernment:  [Tom Tancredo]-

Congress has adopted a 2016 federal budget that makes it official: The Republican Party and the Democrat Party have merged.

In the name of stability and progress, Republican leaders have agreed with Democrats to put big government on autopilot — with no change in the programmed destination, full-blown socialism. On December 18, at Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’s urging, 150 House Republicans voted to double down on the politics of surrender.

Yesterday, we thought we had two parties, Republicans and Democrats, but now we see that we have only one, the Repubocrat Party, the party of No Shame.  MORE

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  1. How? If they are defeated at the ballot box invariably their successors very quickly turn out to be the exact same clones. Almost every weasel currently on the chopping block was on the good list not so long ago. To name some: Jihadi Paul for vice-President, remember! Marco Rubio tea party darling! John McCain for President. Orrin Hatch, conservative icon! Chinless, let’s work to make him Majority Leader! Etc, etc, etc! The list is very long but the space is limited! Add your own!

  2. They say a fish rots from the head down. This latest screwing by Ryan et al will serve to cement the fact that we need to elect someone outside the RINO establishment. Trump and Cruz scares the hell out of them but they just made their election more probable. Conservatives have had enough.

  3. Politics has been hijacked into the one major path to riches wherein the grifter only has to be a tad smarter than the dumbest fuck in his district and is willing to lie about anything and everything for money. No work; just endless cocktail parties with the swells who tell you how to vote, when to vote, and how often.

    Free pussy (or dicks – not that there’s anything wrong with that) free vehicles, free gas, free mortgage, business opportunities that would make a con man blush, investment “advice” that’s guaranteed to return 100s of times on your “investment.” And a license to steal, fuck your constituents, and the party machine keeps you in office like they did Thad Cochran and Pat Roberts.

    No honorable man can survive the pressure.

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