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Haiti: Police Officer Riot Targets Prime Minister’s House

Breitbart: Haitian police rioted in the capital of Port-au-Prince on Thursday, blocking streets, burning tires, vandalizing vehicles, and attacking the residence of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

The police were enraged that gangs have killed 14 officers over the past month, raising the death toll to 78 since Henry became prime minister in 2021.

The demonstration began with about a hundred police officers in plain clothes and a comparable number of civilians marching through the streets of Port-au-Prince to denounce the latest police killings: the execution-style slaying of six officers by a gang called Gan Grif in northern Haiti.

The gang posted a social media video of the slain officers lying in the dirt with their weapons lying on their chests and is reportedly still in possession of the corpses. The video included footage of Gan Grif members using the severed hands and feet of the murdered police officers to smoke cigarettes.

Both police and civilian demonstrators on Thursday favored black T-shirts with the word “POLICE” written in white letters. Members of Fantom 509, a militant group of armed current and former Haitian police, who bear an uncomfortable resemblance to a gang itself, also participated while clad in flak jackets and brandishing guns.

The demonstrators marched to Henry’s residence but found he was not at home, so they went to the Port-au-Prince airport, where Henry was returning from a summit in Argentina. The demonstrators became enraged and smashed windows at the airport when Henry slipped away without talking to them. MORE

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  1. Probably the best thing that has happened in Haiti since the earthquake collapsed the presidential palace. Hopefully they will keep it up until the government is gone.

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