Half of 2020 College Graduates Failed to Find Work within Six Months of Entering Job Market

Neon Nettle:

Roughly half of all college students, who earned their degrees in 2020, failed to find work within six months of graduating, according to a new report.

The surprising statistic was revealed in analysis from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

The report found that 2020 graduates had significantly lower job market success than their peers who matriculated in 2019.

CNBC summarized:

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recently analyzed the outcomes for 563,000 bachelor’s graduates across 337 colleges and universities and found that only 50.2% of the class of 2020 had full-time jobs with a traditional employer (meaning they are not working as a freelancer or entrepreneur) within six months of graduation. In comparison, 55.3% of the class of 2019 graduates were employed within the same time frame.

Students who attended colleges with fewer than 2,000 students tended to do better after graduation. Closer to 62% of these students had full-time positions after six months. 


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  1. Take a look at what you can get degree in these days! Most of them are hobbies, not careers!
    Cannabis Cultivation
    Ethical Hacking
    Adventure Education
    Turfgrass Science
    Bowling Industry
    Surf Studies
    Comic Art
    Diving Technology
    Organ Performance
    Farrier Science
    etc, etc

  2. Well, since at least half of all college graduates are white, and since companies, the government, NGOs, etc. are only hiring POC, that statistic isn’t all that surprising.

  3. First, boo hoo! When I graduated with an engineering degree many of my fellow graduates weren’t getting jobs either (back in early 80s) because the economy and the various industries were in a huge slump (it was hard even getting interviews). I ended up going back to grad school.

    Second, it would be nice to know how the different degrees are doing getting jobs. Like TRF’s post above, there are a lot of “degrees” that are probably not really worth the paper they have been printed on (gender studies anyone?). Is it across the board? No jobs for Chemical or Petroleum Engineers as well as Lesbian Dance majors? Or are some doing better than others?

  4. Kids, I have a factory full of jobs that pay WAY better than MY first job did, even adjusted for inflation, and you can do as much or as little as you like as long as you show up and do SOMETHING, and I know a LOOOOOT of OTHER places in the same boat, so as long as you don’t expect to start in the boardroom c’mon diwn, we got benefits and everything that I ALSO couldn’t get on MY first job AND tuition assistance, just in case you actually PLAN in paying some of that loan…

  5. You actually CAN make a fuckton of money with a gender/race studies degree in most HR departments, many have “Diversity Managers” or some such, just look angry and stereotype White Males as you fire them and the sky’s the limit, BUT there’s only one or two angry asshole chairman jobs per business, so you need to either know someone, or sue your way into it…

  6. So what gives with all the “Now Hiring” signs we see everywhere? $20 bucks an hour to work retail, fast-food, or clerical work is not good enough anymore?
    It is better than being a free-loader.

  7. Should be plenty of government based work snitching on the non-vaccinated, fireplace users, gasoline buyers, the non-masked, social distancing violators, grandma huggers, pronoun mis-pronouncers, white male heterosexuals’, etc.

  8. Hambone,
    I’m a retired plumber and I wouldn’t have one of those worthless sacks of shit in my yard.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Nobody, nobody has to pay a dime back. My stimulus plan has 100% backing of both parties. Everyone who graduated during the plandemic gets a free ride! Merry Christmas, enjoy JoeyB.

  10. @Loretta in Indiana December 27, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    > $20 bucks an hour to work retail, fast-food, or clerical work is not good enough anymore?

    No. It’s not. But boom on, boomer.

  11. Anonymous December 27, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    Fuck you, retard. You are part of the problem.

  12. So angy. It’s like Chrismiss never happened. If kidz don’t want to work for 20 bucks an hour, then they won’t work for 20 bucks an hour.

    See, the market determines their fate. Their lives are entirely dependent on their choices in regards to the market. You can ignore it, you can try and cheat it, you can conquer it.

    Example: my philosophy degree would have been perfect for my law degree….except I ran out of money due to market forces. This left me with choices. My choice was to screw the degree and go and make money. Not everyone want’s to make that same decision. That’s O.K. life will make lots of decisions for them from now on.

  13. I went to college to get a certificate to become a policeman. That’s what I thought I wanted to do. I got further into semesters and thought, “Nah…”.

    I had also done some CATV work with my Uncle Paul. We had done a little of everything. Buried work, trenching work, lashing work, climbing for taps and troubles, road bores…

    After that I was a Wallyworld Night Receiving Monkey. I got fired after about a year and a half for how I stopped pallet jacks. Actually I was fired because I called the new store manager a cunt, and a know-nothing fucktard in front of the entire night crew. Anyway…

    Having been a CATV dude, and Uncle Paul had made his way into Bell Atlantic, I made my way into Bell with his help.

    I was briefly also a plumber, but I think I broke my co-workers leg with a pipe-threading machine. He put his hands on me one morning and I smashed him with it. I left and the cops never showed up, so I’m not sure what happened… but he was bleeding profusely and screaming.

    I realize now I may have actually been an asshole. Probably still am.

  14. Asshole smashole. You got paid because you like to eat and have running water.

    These new kidz will run into the exact same problems. Eventually they’ll decide having money to buy a crappy car and have a roof over their heads is more important than their misguided principles.

    Kidz, you think no other generation has had the same gripes?

    Check back when you’re 35 and we’ll talk.

  15. I was fired many times for being an asshole, but I had, at the end of the day, many raises for being an asshole.

    I wasn’t the kind of asshole who made girls cry. I was a different kind of asshole.


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