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Halloween As An Opportunity To Dismantle White Supremacy

Warning: The following is not parody, it comes from Raising Race Conscious Children

Three Things We Believe This Halloween

  1. White parents who want to dismantle White supremacy have a special burden to check their entitlement on Halloween—and make sure that their children’s costume choices are not reinforcing a culture of racism.
  2. Dressing up as a White person (from the dominant culture of power and privilege) is not cultural appropriation—but consider the development of children’s healthy racial identities on Halloween.
  3. Halloween is an opportunity to have a conversation with your child about race, power, and privilege.


When we ran the “Bad Covers” post a few days ago, one commenter observed that we may have plumbed the depths of the internet.  I believe with “Raising Race Conscious Children” we’ve found the subbasement to the sewers.

24 Comments on Halloween As An Opportunity To Dismantle White Supremacy

  1. Those who have a problem with over consumption of alcohol should possibly stay away from those types of parties. Maybe some folks should stay home and keep the porch light off tonight.

  2. My daughter came up with an interesting costume for this Halloween.

    It’s the Big Bad Wolf dressed up as Grandma.

    After seeing this post, I wonder who’s going to be more pissed off at her – PETA or AARP?


  3. Never liked Halloween anyhow. The scum in my area use the time to damage cars and
    beat up people. Of course you don’t know who it is.
    They are wearing a mask.

  4. So they are saying that white kids can’t dress up as someone from another race/culture, but they also can’t dress up as a white persons because privilege, or something? I hate these people.

  5. “Raising Race Conscious Children” is at work undermining the ideal of a color blind society in the next generation on a 24 / 7 /365 basis. They don’t need Halloween to offer up their poison, though it’s a convenient apple to taint and hand to an unsuspecting public.

    The people who pay the bills and put content on this site expect those who agree with them to constantly instill in their own children racial inequality and social justice.

    After years of indoctrination, how many children raised by these scolds are going to end up agreeing and deciding they’re going to fight to keep their white privilege, i.e. turn into the racist nightmares their parents are trying to keep them from becoming?

    When a person is marinated for life in racial politics that individual will only be able to relate to the rest of the world through the lens of racial conflict. These evil people need to be exposed and their beliefs challenged and ridiculed for the Marxist social justice garbage it is.

  6. Do you know how hard it was for my German ancestors to be considered white? We had to change the spelling of our name, stop speaking German even at home, hide our ethnicity during 2 world wars,etc.

  7. Yes, Zilla! AND: gluten-intolerants, fatties….

    If you REALLY want to *trigger* them, have one of his sprinkles dangle at the bottom, and tell everyone the donut is anatomically correct.

  8. Soooo….. I can’t dress up in a sombrero and a serape with a mustache.


    Racist much?

    See kids, just flip the script on these turd burglars. It’s easy and fun.

  9. I wanted to dress up like a Mexican or General Robert E. Lee until I had a ‘Snickers’ bar….there’s a marketing angle here…

  10. “Halloween is an opportunity to have a conversation with your child about race, power, and privilege.”

    Yes little Johnny you are a “White person (from the dominant culture of power and privilege)” and don’t ever forget that. If they try to convince you otherwise tell them to FO.

    Will that work? I’m so tired of listening to this bullshit that they maybe turning me into the exact opposite of what they want.

  11. it’s my considered opinion that Ms. Lori Riddick and Sachi Feris are crazier than Maxine waters and Nancy Pelosi combined. That’s a new kind of crazy right there.

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