Hamilton Audience Bolts for Doors Amid Chaos

The real tragedy, if you read further, is that Hamilton tickets are $686.


Hamilton audience in San Francisco ran for the doors Friday night and injured three people after a woman attending the show had a heart attack, People reports. Seems someone pulled a defibrillator from a wall at the Orpheum Theatre, which triggered a fire alarm and caused what the San Francisco Fire Department is calling “an unorganized rapid exit of the theater.” Videos of the confusion have popped up on social media, per the San Francisco Chronicle, with some saying people fled after hearing the word “gun” spoken.

The injuries were non-life threatening, but one had a broken leg; the woman with a medical emergency was taken to hospital and is in critical condition, per CNN. The show, which officially cost up to $686 per ticket, did not go on.

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  1. Hahaha.

    Liberals watching revisionist theater stampede?

    Alexander Hamilton and the rest of The founding fathers wearing blackface????

    What would guvnah Northam say?

    These people.

    Separating a liberal from $686 is a noble endeavor though. Sadly it went from one liberal’s pocket to another.
    My dream is to create a business where I separate liberals from their money at their insistence while maintaining a straight face. I don’t think i can pull it off.

    Their brains don’t function as originally designed.

  2. I feel bad for the woman with the heart attack, but other than that, haaaaahahahahaha! “GUN!”?
    Come on! San Fran is a gun-free zone.

  3. $686? A small price to pay to advertise your wokeness. See, in the puny leftest brain, this is the trifecta; you get to pretend that you “get” rap, you get to hob nob with other like minded SJW’s in helping a victim class get street cred, and your white guilt gets assuaged by supporting a “black” project. It’s almost as satisfying as reparations, not quite but almost.

  4. Moronic system integration: why the heck does activating a defibrillator set off the same alarm as a building fire? It isn’t as though we aren’t aware that people in a packed room tend to get a bit panicky when they think there’s a fire.

  5. @ 1:02:00- 1:04:30, Alex as his best.

    Adjunct to General Washington.

    Important to point out the rebel stuff…to bad he was a bad shot and large target.

  6. Great thing in America is that Jeff Daniel’s and a bunch of other deluded ‘Actors’ can get a paycheck for this,,,

  7. Uncle Al and LadyGun12: I would assume that it calls the fire department to be sure that proper EMT response is triggered. If you need the defibrillator, you need an ambulance and EMT’s.

  8. Obamaplease

    I own a 629 Smith. Bought it a long time ago. Love it. It’s a tack driver. I load my own with that gun. Dupont 296. Half way in between a 44 special and a 44 mag. Now I’m finding out the 629’s are blowing up with lots of full powered loads. Google it.

  9. Anyone else notice how easy it is to scare leftists? A herd of wicked sheep.
    BTW, The hoops that you have to jumped through to see this revisionist illusion is elitist in itself. First a lottery, then if you win a chance for ticket, you get in line at a theatre to pick up ticket, miss you’re appointed time, no ticket.

    Don’t ask me how I know, OK – you talked me into it. I didn’t have to go that route. I’ve got season tickets and Hamilton (touring) was included. It costs $127. I was curious, so I attended. It was what I expected – a liberal twist on history. Strangely, the King George character was a great portrayal.

    Such irony, though. The playwright, Lin-Manuel Miranda, a wealthy, privileged, leftist millenial is in denial of the true history of the white man he portrays, who vehemently opposed immigration;
    https://amgreatness.com/2016/12/21/hamiltons-actual-views-immigration/ .

    Miranda, a typical leftist. Exploiting anything for profit and grandiose.

  10. $686 for rich idiots to virtue
    signal their wokeness, have a
    fire alarm go off and trample one another to escape when some fool shouts “gun”.
    “Now,That’s Entertainment.”

  11. @ obamaplease and Bad Brad: Anaconda owner here, not a “carry” gun w/ 8″ bbl but a real tack driver, single and double action. I use I-4227 in mine w/ 240 SWCs.


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