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Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

**Eyewitness accounts are differing in the LaVoy Finicum shooting.

HT/ Tsunami

*Ammon Bundy’s bodyguard says Finicum charged the police.

**I used the term “eyewitness” much too liberally in regards to the Ammon Bundy bodyguard. He didn’t “see” anything.

(*Tsunami’s H/T does not include the bodyguard’s account. That was my addition to this story.)

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  1. Bundy’s bodyguard?! He was there, witnessed the shooting, was part of the occupier group, and he’s not locked up and at the very least still being interrogated? Does anyone else find that he’s already been released and had time to record video with an account that supports the govt agents’ story mighty damned fishy?

  2. It looks like it’s curtains for me on this web page. Every time I try to read it, it shuts down my computer at least 3 times with big ads that pop up behind the main page. It looks like my computer is going on the blink, then it comes back again, but then it snags on the comments and I have to pull the plug on it. I’m gonna miss you and the gang, Fur.

  3. In the video provided the guy says he didnt see it the shooting and is relying on hearsay and then goes on to say he knows what happend. I am baffled why he even posted it

  4. As I stood on a city corner I heard a crash in front of me, as I looked up I could clearly tell what had happened so when the Cops arrived I approached to tell him what I knew. He asked “did you see the accident?” I thought a moment, said “no, but”… but he turned and walked away. If you didn’t see it, you have nothing to say.

  5. Why is it that the Occupy Wall Street maggots got away with pooping and trespassing at different Capitol steps through out this country for months and months and these guys get killed?!
    Not too obvious is it?!

  6. Something crappy like that’s been happening to me too, but all I have to do is log off my computer – and then I get a message that asks if I want to shut down a program that’s running (when I don’t actually have anything running that I can see), and I hit yes, so it forces a log off. I log back on – and I am fine again for a while. It just starting doing that a couple of weeks ago.

  7. We have to live with the advertisers, or pony up more than pocket change as running a site like this is far from free.
    Along with clearing your cache, run an anti-malware program, like Malwarebytes as there is malware out there that attacks you if you go to sites it doesn’t like.

  8. There should be multiple dash cam videos of what happened, if they are not released I would assume that the Feds are lying. Not a big stretch considering they’re lying half the time anyway.

  9. I for one, will never believe this was a “routine” traffic stop. Apparently the dotguv hasn’t learned from Waco or Ruby Ridge. There’s an unseen reason for their obsessive interest in obtaining this land. They’ve been at it for years.

  10. On the facebook video, the guy asks people to stop speculating – admits he didn’t see the shooting – then speculates that Lavoy must have charged the cops?


  11. Sounds like it was an ambush. I want to see all the bullet holes in the vehicle. The girl said there were over a hundred shots fired? Car bodies do not stop bullets of the caliber that government thugs carry. And the autopsy should show the number of times he was shot and whether he was on the ground when some of the wounds occurred.

    I don’t like the way these government thugs serve a warrant, and I don’t like the way warrants are issued against patriots. They work very hard to keep people from demanding that the Constitution be honored in America and the voice of the People be heard and yielded to.

  12. While I agree with the thrust of your argument, you can’t use bullet holes to determine shots fired.
    It is not uncommon for in excess of 70% of shots fired in a situation like that to completely miss the target. If the target is a person, it can rise to 90%.
    Keep in mind that not all cops are assholes. A fair number of them will fire when the shooting starts due to peer pressure but will intentionally miss the target. I don’t approve of that activity, but I understand it.
    Keep that in mind when you hear about a massive police shooting where no one was hit as has happened several times over the past few years.

  13. JohnS, I am the father of a cop who teaches LEOs and military. Kid’s a lot smarter than most.

    I’m going on what the girl said about the vehicle being shot up. Show the bullet holes to confirm, that’s all. Angle of wounds on the dead guy might show if he was shot while lying on the ground.

    Peer pressure is a very poor excuse. And one asshole cop spoils the whole bunch. They need to police their own and weed out the assholes, or forever be called a bad cop just like the ones who get caught in a matter that can’t be covered up by the department – as is the common practice among the corrupt.

  14. How would one unarmed man charging many law enforcement be justified to shoot at, if that was the case?
    If there is no video then we weren’t supposed to see what happened, would be my thoughts.

  15. If your only newsfeed on the occupation has been drudge, abc, cbs, etc, your information has been rather ‘filtered’. On the Friday before the occupation commenced, the refuge staff was sent home early and was instructed, “Don’t come back to work until you are notified to do so.” Then the last person out the door left an entire set of keys to everything on the place where they could easily be found. WTF was that? “Occupier” Pete Santelli was detained by police in Ohio while en route to Oregon. Santelli had a loaded handgun in the car and no CWP. That’s a class 4 felony in Ohio. The next day Santelli was released, no charges, and Santelli proceeded on to Oregon. WTF was that? If you had the answers to both of the WTFs?, you’d probably have a basic understanding of what went down in Oregon.

  16. LA (freaking) TIMES used Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (Machine Gun Michele) boobs as a third party source….

    Go Figure!

  17. Same thing happens to me, but only on my phone. Very annoying ads appear when I try to go back from comments to next article. I usually have to leave the page and come back to it. This doesn’t happen on any other web site on my phone.

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