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“Hang Tough” – The Dick Winters Story

The story of the building and dedication of the Richard D. Winters Leadership monument in Normandy, France in June of 2012. The film focuses on the leader of World War II’s “Band of Brothers”. Narrated by 2012 Emmy Award-winner Damian Lewis, who played Dick Winters in HBO’s Band of Brothers.  WATCH

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  1. For anybody who watched Band of Brothers this is a must see. Would also recommend the books by Donald R. Burgett. The titles are, Currahee, The Road to Arnhem, Seven Roads to Hell and Beyond the Rhine. He was a member of A Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment(PIR) 101st Airborn Division. In my opinion, even better than Band of Brothers because its straight from the soldiers experience without Hollywoods spin.

  2. @forcibly deranged – Thanks for this

    @Different Tim – I’ll check on your book reco’s.

    Going to Normandy is a highlight in my life. Omaha Beach, US Cemetary with Taps at sundown, Pointe Du Hoc, Utah Beach.

    The French are very respectful to the Americans in that area. Southern France…not so much.

  3. @45-70 – NRA did a short video series with him. Check American Rifleman TV Goodbye Don Burgett. Will give you small taste of his experience.

  4. Memorial is Representative of thousands of military leaders during D-day Operation Overlord (june 6th 1944), Operation Barbarossa (June 1941), Invasion of Guadalcanal 1943 (operation Watchtower) invasion of France 1940, Invasion of Iwo Jima, Invasion of Okinawa, and so many battles fought worldwide, from WII to present day….

    They never took a knee.


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