Hannity Beats Maddow Handily in First Four Nights Head-to-Head

American Thinker: The ongoing cable news wars gave renewed life to Fox News as Sean Hannity beat Rachel Maddow in the first four nights that they went head-to-head in prime time last week. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show had emerged as cable news’s #1 program in recent months against Fox’s weak offering at 9 P.M., The Five, which moved back to 5 P.M. to make room for Hannity.

Fox News, which had led the cable TV news ratings for fifteen years until earlier this year, was suffering this spring and summer after schedule upheavals that resulted from the loss of major on-air talent and several of its top executives following published allegations and internal investigations of sexual harassment.

Finally last Monday September 25, after weeks of behind the scenes maneuvering and negotiations, Fox News kicked off its new fall prime time lineup, initially involving Hannity moving his show to 9 P.M. It will be complete on October 30, when Laura Ingraham premieres her new show at 10 P.M. E.T. and a new live news program with Shannon Bream launches at 11 P.M.  read more

5 Comments on Hannity Beats Maddow Handily in First Four Nights Head-to-Head

  1. So we effectively traded Bill O’Reilly for Tucker Carlson, and Greta for Laura Ingraham.
    I’m okay with that, in the end.
    I don’t like how the Murdoch boys screwed things up in the interim, and they probably had little to do with the fixes, but we actually landed okay, IMHO.

  2. Tucker is real good. Laura the tops, Sean top notch. I was getting tired of Bill. I don’t think what happened to him was right but it was a good time for him to move on. Not sure what the rest are drinking, like Shep. What happened to him?

  3. Murdoch boys’ Communist wives must have been told to SHUT UP–well known in the UK that they hate Trump and Conservatives.

  4. I’m hooked on Tucker and watch daily on the utube, along with Gutfeld when available. About the only news shows I watch. (Am I missing anything good out there?) Always liked Ingraham, hope she does well and may have to watch her too.

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