Hannity Guests Hint Something Big is Coming on Monday

Sara Carter and John Solomon did their usual side by side with Sean Hannity, except all three seemed to be in almost giddy anticipation for movement on the Clinton Foundation scandal come Monday. Here


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  1. That could explain the recent FBI jackbootery at Dennis Cain’s house. I bet he figures bigly in what’s coming up. It’s time to assassinate his character and threaten him, because that is the Clinton Way.

  2. He has GOT to learn to let people talk.
    Anyway, hopefully no one releases the guy’s name so he won’t get his home searched by the FBI (To hide it as evidence) like the previous guy.

  3. Tick tock, tick tock. Yeah….I will set my alarm clock. [ROLLS EYES] I wish Hannity would just STFU and report when he has something instead of all of this “just you wait and see” BS.

  4. I feel like Charlie Brown with the football. Just when I think Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Eric Holder, Andy McCabe, James Comey, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lorretta Lynch, Susan Rice, or Hillary herself, just when I think they will finally get fitted for the bracelets and the orange jump suit, more deep state FBI/State officials ride in and snatch them out of the jaws of culpability.

    This is the biggest fissure I see in our crumbling Republic, that justice is not meted out fairly or impartially, that there exists today a ruling class that is beyond accountability and can maneuver outside of the legal boundaries the rest of us must navigate. For all the talk of banana republics, this is the true definition, namely that the law does not apply to everyone, it sucks.

  5. “that there exists today a ruling class that is beyond accountability” – Rich Taylor

    We are no longer a Republic.

  6. RadioMattM,
    Thank you, your correction is right on the money.

    I don’t think we’ve had a Republic since the 17th amendment was ratified.

  7. If daybreak revealed Hillary hanging from a lightpost, Mooch and Squirrel being frogmarched to Guantanamo and many other comfortably wealthy government criminals’ assets confiscated…
    ..I might have some regard for my country reconstituted.

  8. “Sean, Sean, why persecute thou me” with your bullshit? Nothing will happen. Nothing, nada, stugots!
    Google “The Clinton Chronicles,” and “The 60 Minutes Deception.”
    Lots of suicides and deaths by plane crash.

  9. I hope, I hope, I hope something big this way comes.

    The Chicago article reminded me of the FBI unit formed specifically to catch Capone. I’m hopeful there is a white hat division chasing down obomba and kkklintons. In the movie the white hatters fought two fronts. One against some in the FBI and the other Capone. As far as hannity is concerned i never watch or listen to him, hes a bore.

    i’m tired of having my chain yanked

  10. I quit listening to Hannity years ago. I just couldn’t take the endless Republican talking points that he just HAD to inject into anything that came outta his mouth.

    And his never ending use of the word, “now”. It precluded 90% of everything he said, like a nervous tic. I always thought the control room shoulda hooked up battery cables to his nuts and give him a jolt every time one of his sentences began with “now”.

    THAT, I would watch…

  11. I hate bullshit teasers like this. Because I know from experience that the most likely thing to happen is that the FBI will give any incriminating evidence they find against the Clinton Foundation to the Clinton Foundation lawyers who will then be allowed to destroy it and anyone associated with Clinton will be given full immunity in exchange for not a goddamn thing. Because, as a law enforcement agency, the FBI is completely fucking worthless.

  12. @Cate, I’d hate think the term “whistler-blower,” is code for something else Bill liked to have done to him by interns in the oval office.

  13. Sean Geraldo Rivera Hannity. Is there a bank vault involved?

    Crying ‘Wolf’, again, yawn, yawn, yawn!

    I can’t stand his droning voice. Almost as bad as the voices of HRC and obamination.

  14. I understand that we are getting frustrated, but Hannity has been fighting the good fight for some time and has moved the ball down the field. We’d be lost without him, Rush, and yes, Mark Levin.

    Hannity deserves a little credit, I think.


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