Hannity To #NeverTrump- Like it Or Not, You Own a Hillary Victory

Hannity is absolutely right. If you’re going to actively campaign against someone you have to admit you have had an impact, unless you want to admit you’re a bunch of dickless wonders that has no influence and  that nobody listens to.

So which is it?

14 Comments on Hannity To #NeverTrump- Like it Or Not, You Own a Hillary Victory

  1. Unfortunately my local conservative radio station dropped Michael Savage for Mark Levin two years ago.
    Looks like a stupid move nowadays.

  2. amazing, of all the “conservative talk show hosts”, hannity is the last one I thought would be left standing.

    limbaugh, levin and beck have all gone bye bye.

    go shawn go!

  3. My station dropped Hannity for Savage. I got hooked on WMAL in DC with Chris Plante in the 9-noon slot. Thank goodness for I-Heart.

    Chris is subbing for Rush on Friday! I hope everyone tunes in to hear his brilliance!

  4. How’s Mark Levin doing these days? I had to turn him off after He went full on Trump derangement syndrome on me. I hope it wears off, I miss him.

  5. Hannity is right. I am sorely disappointed in Jonah Goldberg, and wouldn’t mind at all the opportunity to smack the smug smirk off Beck’s face. He’s become insufferable. He pretends to be all Zen, but he has a subtle way of whipping up his fans to go after someone. The #NeverTrumpers are as liable for Hillary as the Left that votes for her – and that damns them in my eyes.

    @bill – on a side note, What do you mean including Rush in with your comment? Granted, I didn’t listen to him today, but I’d say he’s been pretty steady in his support of Trump against Hillary.

  6. @ Miss Conduct – Chris Plante is great! Glad to know you 🙂
    I wonder at how he’s managed to go as far as he has against the Demon machine in DC. The guy pulls absolutely no punches and is funny as hell.

  7. limbaugh jumped the shark during the primaries.
    all the back handed comments about trump have not been missed by me.
    I stopped listening before the primaries were over and haven’t turned him back on.
    I don’t even miss him.

  8. LOVE IT!!! Yeah, I randomly turn on Beck’s show and without fail, he’s bitching about Trump. “Holy war.” Yep. Doesn’t matter what time or what day.

    Hannity nailed it! I might start listening to him again!

  9. @bill – you must have missed the shows I listened heard. Limbaugh was fair to ALL the candidates, though he did throw snark towards Kasich – but he was the only one…made me wonder what all Kasich had done to piss him off. Rush has been a defender of Trump and has continuously praised him for how he handled the media during the primaries.

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