Happy 80th Birthday, ya *#@$ #%@&!

*Nancy Pelosi.

House Speaker joins highest-risk age demographic for coronavirus fatality.

38 Comments on Happy 80th Birthday, ya *#@$ #%@&!

  1. The youthful Democrat party.

    still at the trough 15 years after they wear us out, tax the crap out us out and Force us into retirement!

  2. I’m not one of those that like to point out errors in other peoples posts usually but this time I think I have to. I’ve seen her on television many times over the years and I think you left out a zero.

  3. According to your healthcare plan for the unwashed masses it’s time for you die.

    Do us all a favor and follow your own plan.

  4. I believe it’s tradition in San Francisco to engage in the toilet seat challenge when you turn 80. You go, Nan.

  5. Talk about holding a grudge. She could tell us what it was like when electricity was invented, but instead she’s still trying to get it turned off.

  6. When Blinky does finally kick off, it’s going to take a week for anyone to realize it because of all the botox.

  7. I wish upon her cancer and I can say that having cancer myself!! She is either evil and/or mentally ill!… She is like the school bully after finally realizing they are being expelled deciding to burn the school down as they are leaving. She has no friends, no future past November, and faces future alone and powerless………

  8. The only ones who would miss her if she croaked would be the chi-comms, who have her in their pocket.

  9. Instead of wishing you a happy birthday I’ll wish you DIE ON IT YOU FUCKING CUNT!



  10. Nancy, on your birthday…
    May bleeding piles torment you, and corns adorn your feet. May crabs the size of horse turds, crawl around your ass and eat. And now that you’re old and feeble, and your liver’s a total wreck, may your head fall through your asshole, and break your Fu@king neck.

  11. Well, at least we know that she can still rip the wrapping paper off of her Gifts.

    She has been practicing since the last State Of The Union.

    Happy Birthday Biyatch! I hope you and you whole family of entitled thieves hit a mountain in a private jet!

  12. When she was turd in line to be Press dump,, she used to fly from DC to SF every weekend Then back to DC on the taxpayer’s dime, Her liquor bill was $ 4000 a week.

  13. Nazi Pillosee says “We made it for the American Worker”…
    NP has been sucking on the public tit for thirty plus years,
    Appointed in 1987, she is only 80, I thought much older,
    She would not know an American worker from a Hind Quarter of Beef.
    There needs to be a maximum age like 65, for Congress,
    She has been the most powerful woman in Congress for years,
    There have bee some real hum dingers released into the atmosphere,
    By Madame Pillosee.


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