Happy Birthday, Chalupa!

Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday.
I was out all day so I couldn’t bake you one of those 3 leaky cakes that your people enjoy. 😁


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  1. Hey Loco, I was waiting to see if you were going to say something first. I didn’t want to be the one to rub it in your face that you haven’t gotten an official Happy Birthday from IOTW. I haven’t either by the way.. Happy Birthday, Chalupa!

  2. Happy Birthday Chalupa! Tres Leches was my husband’s favorite cake. I got good at baking them but i did not know there was a mix.

  3. Thanks MJA. I appreciate it. I haven’t announced my birthday before so I don’t feel slighted. Maybe I’ll give you a heads next year so you can do a proper celebration.

  4. It helps to be buddies with MJA. She keeps track of the birthdays pretty well. Mine is a few days after BFH’s, so it should (ahem) be easy to remember.

  5. Happy birthday to every son of a bitch that was born today. Every last one of you. Yes, that includes you too!!

  6. Where da’ white cake at?

    Happiest Birthday ever Chalupa and very many more.

    @Frank, I am an old hen dammit! BD 01/23 easy to remember. Just send cash or gold and silver.

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