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Happy Birthday Pinko

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  1. What General Malaise said! Although it’s only a half birthday present…

    As many more candles as you wish to put on the following cakes.

  2. May the good wishes and happiness of the celebration of this milestone in your illustrious life warm the cockles of your heart and stay forever in your memory as a reminder of the wonderful good folks at IOTW and their overwhelming generosity of spirit, if not of material things such as useless but expensive birthday presents like Rolex watches, gold cufflinks and the like, which, you will readily admit, would soon tire of and throw in the trash because those types of objects, in the long term, you surely understand and acknowledge, are of little value when compared to the very best wishes of your faithful friends.

    Now insert your face into that birthday cake and have at it.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Pinko! I have liked your posts. You are one of the best “posters” on this site.
    Many more birthdays to you!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mr. Pinko! I miss your voice on USandEh!

    Hope you get everything you want … President Trump kicking out the Biden fake administration is on top of your list, I hope!!!

  5. PINKFOOOOORD!!!!!!!!!!

    The fug are you even still doin’ here? It’s like you have zero ambition.

  6. Happy birthday Pinko – today you keep your job, tomorrow you’re fired!

    Hope you had a good one.

  7. Happy Birthday Mr. Pinko!!! Hope you have a great night celebrating!!!

    Say your prayers everyday!

    God Bless us all!

  8. Damn! Late to the party – hope y’all saved some cake …

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Pinko!
    Here’s hoping you have a thousand more!


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