Happy Birthday Pogo!

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  1. TRF,
    I had it at Obama & Progressives but need to update it when I can get to a shop that can recover it from a froze hard drive.

    I wish I was 29 again. As it is I’m 5 years older than FUR.

    Uncle Al,
    Speaking of Fish Frys, after 10 years I finally bought myself a Birthday present.
    It took me 3 hours to get almost all of the parts unpacked from the main barrels as they were packed tight, then 3 days to get it all together, being as I had to sit back down after about 5-10 of working on it, due to back & hip problems. After seasoning it, I smoked a rack of pork ribs (2 Hrs.) last night & cooked up a package of bacon on the gas side this morning. Yes it would be great for smoking mullet as well. By the way the damn thing weighs just over 200 lbs. assembled.

    No I’m not Aussie, but a “Cheesehead” being as my hometown is about 90 miles from Lambeau Field.

    Also thank you to anyone else that wants to “Roast” me today.

  2. FUR,
    I see you grabbed the first slice of cake. Thank you for “Taste Testing” it for me.

    Abigail Adams,
    Yes it is. There is a small smoker barrel on one end with grill grates for searing meats before transferring them to the one side of the large barrel for smoking & it can be used for direct charcoal grilling as well. The other side of the large barrel is a gas grill. The other end has a gas burner, which I’ve used to light the charcoal in the chimney without using lighter fluid, which is great as well.

  3. Jethro,
    Thanks & the vid fits.

    Mr. Pinko,
    Thank you for the loud “SHOUT OUT”. LOL

    Thank you. The vid was cute as well. At first I thought it as the old Addams Family episode of Cousin Itt’s birthday where he used a medieval battle ax to slice the cake.

  4. Pogo,
    Happy Birthday! and many more!
    Easy to assemble items assume you have a masters degree in mechanical engineering and
    $50,000 worth of tools!
    Have a great day!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Pogo! 5 years older than BFH, that puts you in the same age bracket as a bunch of us oldsters. Don’t get too carried away celebrating, your recovery time isn’t what it once was.

  6. Extirpates,
    Thank you. Actually the hardest part on this grill was just getting all the parts out that they shoe-horned into the the two halves of the large barrel. They didn’t provide instructions as to what to try to wiggle out first.

    Thank you very much.

    Thank you very much & give me those warm cheddar curds fresh from the vat that squeak when you eat them.

    Viet Vet,
    Thank you very much. I’m just happy President Trump is making Prog heads explode 24/7 wherever they may reside in this country.

    Dave Huff,
    Thank you. Damn I wish I was 29 again.

    Thank you. I know, but Viagra helps with the recovery time. LOL

  7. Happy Birthday Pogo! I was born in Wisconsin but we moved to Commiefornia when I was five yrs old. Am I still a Cheesehead or only honorary?

  8. Happy Birthday, Pogo.

    Try off the shelf rib rub or make your own, then smoke those ribs at 235 for 3 hours, wrap in foil with a half to three quarter stick of butter cut into thin pats top and bottom, 1/3 cup brown sugar, and a few dashes of seasoned rice vinegar, and back on the 235 heat for another 1-1/2 to 2 hours with meat side down. Then with the ribs still wrapped in foil and meat side still down, blanket them (use newspaper and paper bags and kitchen towels if you don’t have a meat blanket) for 1 to 2 hours sitting on the counter top. Unwrap and carefully (they will want to fall apart) baste with bbq sauce and put back on the heat for 20 minutes to set the sauce. You won’t regret it. It’s a family staple at least twice a month around here. Yea, it’s a 6 to 8 hour job but doesn’t take much work, just start early. The resting step can be several hours if you need to time it for guests or whatnot. Enjoy!

  9. Lazio The Elder,
    Thank you for the Birthday wishes.

    Conservative Cowgirl.
    Thank you very much. Just remember since you were born in America’s Dairyland, you’ll always be a Cheesehead. I do feel sorry for you though to have to put up with all that stinky Limburger cheese aka Progs out in Commiefornia though.

    Thank you & thank you for the recipe. I currently use savory hamburger seasoning plus smoke seasoning from Gordon’s Food on the meat. I’ve copied the rest, so I can try it when I get the brown sugar & vinegar.

    Thank you for the wishes. I guess you’ll just have to get yourself some ribs. I buy them bulk at Gordon’s Food. 8-9 racks per box for about $65.00 / $70.00 for the box. I cut the racks into thirds & freeze the 3 pieces in a gallon sized freezer bag. Just thaw them for a couple days in the fridge before I’m ready to cook some.

  10. Pogo, Yay! I’m a Cheesehead! Better than being labeled under “Commiefornian”!!

    My son is grilling elk tonight! Yummy elk! I didn’t hunt it, though. Too hard to get a tag.

  11. Happy Birthday Pogo.
    I’m about 12 minutes from Lambeau.
    If you ever come to a game I’ll visit your tailgate

  12. Happy birthday from a flatlander to a cheesehead!

    Should you want to try your hand at smoking fish I have the brine for you.
    Dry brine as I do it and you will need the garage refrigerator to put the fish into after liberally coating them inside and out (or chunks), to be rinsed off (not completely clean) after 24hrs. You will note that the fish will immediately start to leach out liquid as you coat and pile in the pans to sit over night minimum. The only thing that you might have trouble getting is the salt petre which can be gotten from a pharmacist and recommend getting a pint or quart jar if you’ll be doing a large amount of smoking. They initially might give you a hard time, but they can order it in for you (bomb making material).

    Never had much success with the meats, but the brine recipe for fish will not disappoint.

    Added a couple of others as I found a use for the little “hammer handles” (small pike) that would be to boney and the pickling makes the bones soft and eatable. Don’t be throwing them back anymore.

    The fish boil will work with lakers and salmon also believe it or not. As anything dredged in melted butter can be eaten with enthusiasm.

    Look for someplace that sells spices in bulk/discount because buying it at the grocery store would be way too expensive…

    DRY BRINE (Double Recipe)
    5# or 7 Cups canning & pickling salt
    2# Brown Sugar
    4 Tbl. Sp. Salt Petre (Potassium Nitrate)

    Remaining is optional and/ or develope to ones own taste

    4 Tbl. Sp. Black Pepper
    4 Tbl. Sp. Onion Salt
    4 Tbl. Sp. Celery Salt
    4 Tbl. Sp. Ground Cloves
    4 Tbl. Sp. All Spice
    4 Tbl. Sp. Ground Lemon or Orange Peel
    4 Tbl. Sp. Ground Dill Weed
    4 Tbl. Sp. Ground Ginger
    4 Bay Leaves

    PICKLING RECIPE (5 Days / 5 Days or 1 1/2 Days / 10 -15 Days) (Fish cut in 1″ Squares)
    5/8 Cup Canning & Pickling Salt
    1 Qt. Water
    1 Qt. White Vinegar
    After First Session (5 Days or 1 1/2 Days), drain and make 2nd solution (below) & add fish

    2 Cups Sugar
    1 Qt. White Vinegar
    1 Qt. White Port Wine
    1/3 Cup Pickling Spice
    2 Med. Bermuda Onions
    After 2nd Session (5 Days or 10 – 15 Days) Enjoy!

    6 Fish Steaks
    18 Small Red Potatoes
    12 Small Onions

    8 Qt. Kettle
    1 Cup Salt
    Fill 2/3 full of water and add salt
    Bring to Rolling Boil
    Add Potatoes (maintain or return to rolling boil)
    Add Onions
    18 Min.
    Add Fish (maintain or return to rolling boil)
    12 Min. & Test

    My smoker used to accommodate sixty to eighty pounds at a crack. Old double door “ice box” that I used for many years.

  13. Conservative Cowgirl,
    Sounds great on the Elk. I do miss the WI. venison. In my area they were pretty good-sized & fat as pigs because they foraged on ripe corn fields that were still standing for grain use. Meat was marbly like prime beef. Real tender as well because of all that fat in the meat.

    Mickey Moussaoui,
    Thank you for the B’day wishes. I bet you visit Lambeau on a regular basis along with that “Packer City” that was built close to it.

    Thank you for the “Hatching Day” wishes as well & thank you for the recipe info.

  14. Whoa, very late to your BD party!!

    Hope it was a good one for you. Though, at our age, waking up is a good day, right?? Hahaha

    BTW, you are allowed to extend your festivities a few days. 😉

  15. ghost of brig gen j glover,
    Thanks for the Birthday Cheer, but with you rattling that sabre all night, it was difficult for me to get any sleep. LOL

    Like the old saying goes “Better late than never”. As far as festivities go, I celebrate every day my eyes open & I’m able to come here to see what mischief the IOTW crew is up to.


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