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Happy Birthday, USMC!

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  1. I have known a LOT of Marines, good men all.
    Upon meeting one, if they went to boot at Parris Is., learning where I was from they all asked about the Bamboo Ranch.
    Most were heartbroken when they learned it burned in ’71.
    Billy Joe Royal reportedly wept at the news, he cut his teeth in that amazing club, the owner was a venue genius.
    Ohh Rah Marines.
    Semper Fi

  2. Marines have spent a considerable amount of speculation and lots
    of time attempting to determine exactly when the “Old Corps” ended and the “New Corps” began. I shall endeavor to end the speculations, innuendos and rumors for all time.

    After extensive research, which included trips to the National
    Archives, the Marine Corps Historical Center at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC, and many hours spent on the website of the United States Marine Corps, History & Museums Division, I finally discovered the coveted answer:

    In 1775, as you all know, the Marine Corps was formed at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia.

    In the beginning they announced that any new recruit would
    get a free tankard of rum.

    Unfortunately, they didn’t get as many recruits as they wanted,
    so they announced that from now on, all recruits would get TWO tankards of rum.

    A Marine in the back ranks yelled, “We didn’t have it that good in the Old Corps!”

  3. I have almost a daily opportunity within my job to meet current and former active-duty Marines (and other service members). I usually do two things upon the meeting:

    1. I shake their hand and thank them for their service,

    2. I ask them what they are waiting for, regarding the Marxist in Chief.

    The latter comment usually gets an embarrassed eyeroll/smirk of disgust towards the fool in the White House.

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