Happy Birthday USN

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  1. An enjoyable part of my life – Radioman at Naval Air Stations North Island and Agana Guam during the Vietnam era. Now I wish I would have stayed in . . . but there was this girl . . . and she wasn’t the one I married.

  2. I

    All I can hope for is a re-emergence of American patriotism and an ouster of this regime that stole our country under false pretext and the total destruction of the liars in media and the deep state.

    They have put us in extreme peril. On purpose.
    You can’t fuck up everything all at once unless that’s your mission.

  3. May God continue to bless the US Navy and the Marines (the Men’s dept. of the Navy according to my Lt. JG nephew to his 2 younger enlisted Marine brothers) and all of its Navy veterans as well as those who are currently serving in the Navy. My 3 years in the Navy from 1972-1975 were among the best 3 years of my life.

  4. My shipboard time consists of going aboard the Kitty Hawk to visit an old school chum when they came into port in Yokosuka, Japan. Then I went to the Green Side and after they pinned the EG&A on me I wasn’t worth a shit as a squid after that! If it weren’t for MY MARINES I wouldn’t be here today. Semper Fi

  5. Dad was a sea going Marine on the USS Minneapolis during WWII. I was a Marine Forward Observer for Naval Gunfire in VN (ANGLICO) and other ordnance, my nephew just retired as a Senior Chief.
    Our Family has always had a close relationship with Corpsmen and the NAVY.
    God Bless Our Navy and those who serve, Semper Fi !!

  6. My Brother, Anthony, Served on the USS San Francisco (SSN-711) for 5 years. He called that boat “The San Fran”. I’m proud of him.

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Uss New, Uss Canisteo, Uss Glover, and Uss Guam.

    Motto of the Canisteo: “If freedom was easy we wouldn’t be here.”

    Never could say “FTN”

    Thanks you made me the person I am today – without you I would have been just another punk ending up in jail.


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