Happy Birthday, USN!

navy birthday

America’s Navy

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  1. Yes indeed, happy 240th birthday to the US Navy the best Navy in the world. And thanks for my tour of duty in the Navy in the mid 1970’s. I got to see the at least half of the world (the Pacific side) and the Navy helped me to grow up. And bless all the guys and gals out at sea now. I loved being out on the Pacific and Indian Oceans as a member of VF-114 (Fighter Squadron 114, F-4J Phantoms) and the USS Kitty Hawk CV63 for 2 West Pac cruises from 1973-74 and again in 1975.

  2. The United States Navy has ended after 240 years. The new navy that is replacing it is is now officially called the unisex navy! So all of you put on your dresses, high heels and girdles and go scrub the decks, batten down the hatches and synchronize your periods!!

  3. GI bacon & GI Beans
    Gee they wished they’d joined the Marines!

    Happy Birthday Dixie Cups!

    Thanks for all the rides – seaborne & airborne.

    (My Dad was two war Navy. My Mom worked for the Navy Dept. through WWII. Her brother (my uncle) joined the Navy when he was fifteen in 1942 – three wars – stayed 32 yrs.)

  4. Thanks, Doc – still got all my parts because of one your very special brethren. He always said he didn’t make “house calls” up front – but he always did. No Corpsman ever pays for a drink around me.

  5. Like Geoff I was in the USN in the 70s. Start of ’72 – end of ’77.

    After training in GL spent 6 months on the crew of a destroyer that I joined in Gitmo. Got to see the Caribbean, cross the Atlantic, visit Spain, Morocco, Athens. It was fun sitting on the fan tail watching movies projected on the side of a gun turret during good weather while under way.

    After nuclear power school was crew for four years on a submarine in the Pacific. Lived in Hawaii during off crew time, 3 weeks in Guam 2x/year doing refit before each sub patrol. Made 8 patrols, traveled up through the S.China Sea, looped through the N Pacific back to Guam. But all I ever got to see was the top of the Pacific waves now and again if I took the time to go look through the periscope. And the inside of the boat.

    So who knows, my boat may have played a few cat and mouse training games with planes from Geoff’s group.

    And Julio – we had a Corpsman for half my sub patrols who had spent a lot of time with the Marines in VN. He had enough ribbons to fill a dinner plate.

    Learned a lot, got to see some stuff, loved operating a nuc reactor, especially doing Fast Scram recoveries. Glad I had the experience, but hated being away from family and don’t want to do it again.

    A dear friend from my crew who was in the RC division with me, passed away earlier this year. Tough losing a close friend who had shared so much with me.

  6. Thanks Doc!!!

    You get to celebrate October 13th and November 10th!!

    Ditto the corpsman always drinks free.


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