Happy Black Out Day Everyone

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Tuesday July 7 has been designated as #BlackoutDay2020, a campaign in which oppressed black people and their melanin challenged progressive supporters are called to boycott all businesses as a show of solidarity for the racial justice movement.

The movement’s founder, a Texas hip-hop artist no one has heard of named Calvin Martyr, posted a YouTube Video about holding a blackout day that sparked the movement in May. Martyr claimed that black people account for $1.2 trillion in annual spending, so withholding spending for a day will help “break free from the chains of financial servility.” (looks like someone’s been reading a dictionary) Instead of boycotting buses, the campaign aims to boycott business, holding a day where “not one black person in American spends a dollar.”

Oh…….but participants are allowed to spend money at black-owned businesses, though. More

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  1. As far as privileges that are already offered to blacks in America…I think I would very much like to trade places with them.

    But then, I’d have to hold a preconceived notion that I was being held in a state of slavery.

    I have a fertile mind but NOT that fertile.

  2. ” Martyr claimed that black people account for $1.2 trillion in annual spending”
    Yeah, of our tax payer dollars in welfare.

  3. How am I supposed to shop black owned businesses when you motherfuckers keep burning them down, CHAZing them, and ‘cancelling’ them?
    Negro, please.

  4. This reminds me of a story…

    There was a terrible fire in an apartment building. The only ones killed in the fire were black people. Why? Because all the white people were at work.

  5. I’ll celebrate tonight….usually around 11 ish after the fireflies stop fucking around….

    By the way….How cool would it be to be able to randomly light up your buttcheeks when your trying to gat laid or see who wants to get laid?….

  6. It might be my imagination, but not too long ago it seemed like MJA was more reserved, softer spoken, didn’t swear much. Now she is one of the sailors, I mean guys. That’s what 8 years of obama does to even the nicest people. You should see my wife when she has to put on a mask. I think she is ready to order some brass knuckles.

  7. White Out the black out.
    Buy and look at nothing from anyone that supports this shit until they are out of business. Start with the Sports teams and work down through the advertisers. Go out of your way to hurt them in their commie pocketbooks.

  8. From what I am experiencing “on the street” is that ordinary black people are greatly embarrassed by all of this BLM shit. It’s racist and mean’t to portray black people in the worst possible light to incite a race war. So far, the only people participating are the actual racists.

  9. @willy

    In our NE Ohio yard last year there were few fireflies. We were concerned. This year, there are gobs of them. 🤗

    Still no luck, though, on lighting up mug glutes.

  10. @joe6pak – I attribute MJA’s change of language to the astronomical number of hours and stories she digs up for us morons to comment on. (Okay, I split my infinitive. Dammit Jim!)

  11. If the majority of the black population opposes this, let them go to their churches and demand their preachers and priests get in front of the rioters and media and condemn BLM and Antifa. Being “embarrassed” doesn’t stop this apparently endless cycle of hate, crime and violence done in their name. My God, it is their children being murdered by these animals. What are they waiting for?

  12. Think that dude is bad at math. His goal is to do this until his people have risen to power, but at 13% of the population he’s got a long way to go. And since they kill each other by the thousands each year, likely won’t be in power for a long time. He’s got a better shot at moving to Ghana where his people are in power and also have the distinction of being one of the main sources of why his people ended up here. Maybe he can get reparations there

  13. Uh oh!
    I’m in trouble.

    I thought it was #Dickoutday.

  14. Going to be really impactful after surviving blackoutmonth2020 where not only did they not spend they looted and destroyed everything in sight and have their Christmas shopping done.

  15. I was just in a Walmart this afternoon and I saw a lot of melanin. I don’t think the message got out.

  16. @ flip…
    I had never seen a firefly until I moved to Kansas 6 years ago. This year is a bigly year for them….MAGA & KAGA….the bugs dig Trump and their ass is kinda orangish…..LOLOL….

  17. Turnabout is fair play, I make sure that on this day, I do not economically enhance any urbanite…..

  18. I had to deliver a pool today as our delivery driver had to be off. Customer was a family of color. Guy had his kids come out and help unload it from the trailer. Mom brought out a cooler of water and sodas and even a towel to wipe the sweat off me. (Heat index was 100° and humidity you could cut with a knife) Real nice folks. Must not have got the memo. Oh yeah, kids were cool too!

  19. Unless it is a small business I rarely know if a business is black,white or purple owned. I don’t ask because I am there for a product and not a skin color. Screw this nonsense.

  20. …..so….what do white allies do all day? They want to participate too….

    :snaps finger: I got it! White people need to ride around all day looking for black people who are buying stuff. If they find any, jump out and beat their asses down in the name of racial justice.

    Man, I’m like a genius or something.

  21. $1.2T rings a bell. Oh yea, that’s right, that’s how much is costs each year to keep them incarcerated.

  22. “We are so downtrodden we bring 1.2 trillion dollars to the economy each year. And when we go back to the stores on Wednesday the businesses will be sorry we didn’t shop on Tuesday.”

  23. A/C is in overdrive, & all fans & lights are on, and I’m watching “Perry Mason!!!”

    ‘MURICA!!! 🇺🇸

  24. I don’t curse that much; but in honor of MJA “ChikFila was busy as fuck today when I took a lunch break”


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