Happy Columbus Day – Leftwit Depantsed By Michael Knowles

Michael Knowles torches anti-Columbus “cowards, ingrates, & moral narcissists.”

This is a great video. Michael Knowles is very good.

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  1. Christopher Columbus … crossing the ocean blue … 4 times! … just by wind power!

    hail Columbus! … the FIRST eco-ocean-crosser! … suck on it Greta

  2. I almost feel sorry for the Left’s spokespeople. They are so incoherent. It makes one feel lightheaded and nauseous to listen to them.

  3. The so called Indigenous People’s Day alternative to Columbus Day is just more politically correct bullshit. And the left is already starting to shit kittens in anticipation of next years 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock.

  4. It was big news on Buffalo radio as protesters were to gather at a statue of Columbus. When I saw them on the five o’clock TV news I was surprised to see that only two of the eight people protesting were actual Indians from the nearby reservation. The other six looked over the hill hippies.

    Why do they even acknowledge these morons.

  5. Did you hear about the guy who put a new engine in his car?
    (the new Left narrative).

    He forgot to take the old one out!
    (the correct historical facts).

    One side of the car was going one way and the other side was going the other way.

  6. Wada you call 250 Indians all lined up with no nipples? The Indian Nippless 500. Which is why indigenous peoples day should be held at the end of May.

  7. I guess you heard about that famous indigenous tribe called the Fa Gow Wee Indians?

    Late in the evening you can always see them far away on top of the mountains looking beseechingly into the distant hills, while shading their eyes from the bright sun near sundown in a half-squat posture and chanting with a murmuring whisper, “Where the Fa Gow Wee?…Wherrre the Fa Gow Wee?”.. until the early dawn.

  8. Oh yes, carving out hearts and chucking the less tasty bits down the stairs to the plebes
    I want to celebrate those guys.
    Give me a garlic chomping Genoan over the Mayans any day

  9. So it turns out there IS a Indigenous Day, it’s in November, as a matter of fact, November is Indigenous MONTH.

    Columbus hit the shores of modern day Dominica Republic, there’s a statue there.

    Ponce de Leon hit the shores of Florida, I think.

    Eric the Red and others made to modern day New Foundland.

    Amerigo Vespucci anyone?

    ALL GREAT SAILORS and that is one thing that is missed.

  10. Kid just got stuffed into his hypothetical locker, it won’t be the last time, get ready for the real world, kid.


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