Happy Covfefe Day!

Patriot Retort: Time flies, doesn’t it?

It’s been one year since President Trump tweeted out his infamous Covfefe tweet.

11 Comments on Happy Covfefe Day!

  1. Let’s see…… In eight feckless, vapid years of Osmidgen, we got uh, uh, ummm, uh, ummmm. In one rather tumultuous, exciting year of President Donald J. Trump we got a brand new word: Covfefe! I’ll take Covfefe over uh,uh, ummm, uh, ummmm, anytime. Covfefe will be remembered for decades longer than all of Osmidgen’s legacy. Right Mr. Ben Rhodes?

  2. I like my covfefe black. Does that make me raciss? Or inclusive? I’m so confused.
    If the left can make up definitions, why can’t Trump make up words?


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