Happy Darwin Day!


On this day in 1809, Naturalist Charles Darwin was born. An avowed agnostic in his own time, the celebrated author of “The Origin of Species” is credited with (nearly) single handedly deriving the theory of evolution. Those that revere the 19th century promoter of travel to the Galapagos have designated this “International Darwin Day.”

So, just how secure is the theory of evolution today among average Americans? Gallup reports fewer 40 percent freely admit to belief in evolution. Here 

In Darwin’s home country, (The UK) a school performance of “Darwin Rocks!” was canceled last week over the objections of parents. Here

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  1. Elmer Fudd was a very famous cartoon atheist…

    During sex he could be heard yelling, “Oh Darwin, oh Darwin”

  2. I was originally a newt. But I got better.

    (Charles Darwin, with apologies to Monty Python).

  3. It’s a lie that he first coined the term “HERE HOLD MY BEER”……He said ‘JESUS CHRIST, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY TURTLE”….

  4. I don’t understand why creation and evolution need to be separated. I think both theories offer common sense, but judging by the comments above I’ll be labeled a heretic and thus burned at the stake for being a witch. Bring it punks. Monkey fish frogs be damned. Try reading a fucking book that you disagree with. Maybe get a different point of view that doesn’t fit into your perfect world.

  5. It’s the oddest thing. Leftists don’t believe in religion, yet they don’t believe in evolution either.

    There isn’t a single one that will allow you to openly identify the self defeating, anti-evolutionary, character of the liberal mindset.

    Progress to them means breaking sexual boundaries, not honing their skills and surviving.

  6. calm down Rick, we all know ‘evolution’ is just a theory …. it’s not like it’s ‘gospel’

  7. For a theory, evolution sure is treated like a scientific certainty. Still it’s probably on firmer ground than Climate Change.

    It’s also Lincoln’s birthday, so there’s that to celebrate instead.

  8. Rick,

    I’ve read plenty of books I disagree with. Try going to a State university and being a conservative Christian. Not exactly friendly territory. The simple fact is that I am more convinced that the Earth was created than that there was an explosion billions of years ago and here we all are. You sound pretty defensive. Maybe you should try reading a book you disagree with my friend.

  9. @molon labe, I’m plenty calm. Read a book, then get back to me. Sorry, but I’m too lazy to down load the necessary software to approximate your moniker. No disrespect intended. And by the way, they’re both theories, as none of those theories has never been proven nor disproven. So screw your calm down nonsense.

  10. @jon, I’ve read a lot of books that I don’t agree with. That’s how I arrived at my personal conclusion. And guess what, yes I am defensive, because I knew the reaction I was going to get. You proved me correct. Try reading a book and actually digesting it rather than dismiss it out of hand. Both creationism and evolution can exist simultaneously. You automatically assume that I don’t belive in God. You couldn’t be more wrong.

  11. The ToE, according to its true believers, is established fact. But it can still be properly called a theory. The Theory of Relativity is also called a theory.

    The real problem is accepting it as fact. No evolutionist can point to a single, provable instance of a mutation followed by a natural selection event that results in a new species. There is no solid proof of that ever happening.

    Every evolution story you read has weasel words and phrases like “could have”, “maybe”, “possibly”. There is not a sliver of solid evidence to support it. Yet, they maintain it is science.

  12. @tim biktu, cite you’re evidence for the parting of the sea, or Moses climbing the mountain to retrieve the tablets, or the burning bush or Noah’s flood. It works both ways.

  13. Rick’s avatar is a dog…weimaraner I think….Rick is welcome on my deck anytime to discuss dogs and God with BBQ and beer….The dogs will roam….

  14. I have an original copy of Mr. Darwin’s book. He penned a greeting to Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the cover, said he hoped her career as a Law Clerk would work out.

  15. @Rick ~ well bless your heart … what book, exactly, should I read? currently I’m half way through Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War’ and just finished ‘Senatorial Privilege’ by Leo Damore … any suggestions? (depends on what room I’m in as to what book I’m reading)

    btw, “… none of those theories has never been proven nor disproven.” … that’s why they’re called ‘theories’ … not ‘double-negatives’

    & yes, calm down … just a suggestion

  16. @willy, dogs are my life, my wife and I have rescued 16 pups over the years. We have the room and the acreage. We lost a child when we were young and then turned our attention to rescuing dogs. Didn’t want to go through that other thing again. You’re welcome at my farm anytime.

  17. Hey asshole molon labe, I suggest “A war like no other.” by Victor Davis Hanson. But it’s probably way above your head. There’s big words in there. You know, more than two syllables. Great book though if you like history that goes way beyond your pathetic little world.

  18. My dad always said there are 3 things you don’t talk about in public; religion, politics….and motor oil.
    The older I get, the smarter he was.

  19. Very few people know the full title of Darwin’s book.

    “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.”

    Darwin proved nothing. Not sure why so many claim to believe his idea. It’s the basis and justification for incredible evil. The “theory” isn’t salvaged in any way by interjecting God into the equation; only convoluted Theology results from this. We’ll look back one day and wonder how it was that people ever believed such incredible nonsense.

  20. @Rick, you must be new here. The hate-on is supposed to be rained down on cowards who don’t fill in the “Name” box. Don’t waste the rage, and carry on.

  21. Hey Rick, you seem to be a little over run here. So Gagnabit, I’m on your side. Fxck these guys. What are we talking about again?

  22. @Rick

    I haven’t seen your posts here before. You’re an FNG. Nice to have you.

    tim biktu, cite you’re (your?) evidence for the parting of the sea, or Moses climbing the mountain to retrieve the tablets, or the burning bush or Noah’s flood. It works both ways.

    OK, angry man, I don’t have that evidence. But there is tons of evidence of design. You want a book to read? Michael Behe’s “Darwin’s Black Box” is a good one. I have read two of atheist Richard Dawkins books. Didn’t do it for me. We are confronted with atheism daily in this, our so-called culture, and I have no desire to read any more of it.

  23. Since nobody asked me, I’m going to put in my two cents worth anyway (and it’s worth every penny):

    Science is based on experimentation and observed evidence. Religion is based on faith. Because of this fundamental difference, it’s pointless to argue which one is “right” vs. the other, and I quit doing so many decades ago. It’s a waste of time and breath, because it changes no one’s beliefs – it only raises everyone’s blood pressure.

    Happy Darwin Day! 🙂

  24. @larrytheenlightenedliberal

    Women don’t always make that choice. Men make it as much as women. And random or not makes no difference. The coupling has never produced a being that we would consider non-human, although some liberals make me wonder.


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