Happy Independence Day

Keep your critters safe during the fireworks while we celebrate our INDEPENDENCE and freedom!

Images from:

3 Dee
4 The Rat Fink
7 radioationman (frog on window)
8 Jerry Manderin
11 Frank
12 Charlie WalksonWater (Indiana Bones aka Indie)

The rest of the images are courtesy of pixabay.com

Submit your critter pictures for an upcoming Sunday Critters. Please email them to:


They must be a picture you (or family/friend) took and are willing to have us publish them on this site. Do not send any images you found on the internet.

Use ‘Critters’ in the subject line. Include your screen name in the body of the email. Tell me the name of your critter so I can include it with your screen name. Let us know in the comments any other info you want to share!

Critters at bath time
Cute critter poses
Critters playing dress up


10 Comments on Happy Independence Day

  1. I’m up for Hetero Pride Month.
    Angus (the dog) and Lazlo live about a mile from where they shoot off the fireworks. It’s quiet where we are, so Angus and I sit out and watch them. He lays there and watches.
    He doesn’t seem to mind fireworks as much as when they light off the Cannon at the Fort about a quarter mile away. The Cannon makes a much bigger impression on him. But he’s a trooper and knows he gets steak on days like that. On days where I know there’s going to be noise I grill a lot of steaks so Angus has reason to stay nearby. By 9:00 he’s in a torpor and satisfied with life with no notice for the antics of the nephews or the fireworks

  2. Beautiful critters. Wonderful photographs. The Marine Corps Memorial of the flag raising on Iwo Jima should remind every American that the cost of Freedom is never free.


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