Happy Thanksgiving! From IOTWReport

We are thankful for our readers! 

Thank you for your generosity and your time spent with us.

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  1. Top notch site, great contributors and commenters.
    Glad to know you all.
    Anyone want a selfie of my enormous drumstick?
    I didn’t think so.

    It smells like thanksgiving in here. Mmmmm.

    Happy thanksgiving everyone.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! May all your turkeys be moist, nicely browned, and full of stuffing goodness…and not sitting across from you at the table wanting to talk about their latest trip to the doctor and who’s in today’s obituaries. (That’s a real-world danger here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, a/k/a God’s Waiting Room.)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am truly grateful for this site–the information is top notch and camaraderie is as well. It amazes me that I feel such friendship with people I have never met, but there it is.

  4. It’s a good day, I will be having dinner with 2 of my 3 children and my granddaughter, just delivered dinner for my Mom and Dad, grateful I’m done as a full time caregiver since I went back to work a wk. ago Monday for a new co. out of Yakima but still delivering flowers in Western Montana which is fine by me. Everything’s good and I am thankful and grateful. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone at IOTWR

  5. The only good thing that ever came of the obama admin. is that it lit the fire that started this ball rolling. I am thankful for all the good friends I’ve made here over the years.


  6. And I am most grateful for all the turkeys out there who give their all for this holiday! Yes it does seem a little strange to be bonded with people you’ve never met, yet trust implicitly. Everyone have a great day today!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving y’all !
    This site is new to me this year. Thank you for being so welcoming and thank you Lord for your mercy upon Your great nation and for President Trump !

  8. I’m thankful for family and friends (both in person and in cyberspace). I’m thankful for my health and a good job. I’m also thankful for Donald Trump for selflessly stepping up and draining the swamp.

  9. Woofman post above is from This Texan Has Had Enough.Traveling and using my deceased husband’s tablet.He was woofman and I don’t have the heart to change the sign in right now.

  10. Just got back from the obligatory family thingy. Celebrated for those who passed this year but we are grateful to our God for His many, many blessings!

    Thanks IOTW for being here and letting be be a part of the strangest, yet, interesting community I’ve been part of.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at IOTW! I am so thankful I stumbled across this place all those years ago. You definitely helped me through the Obama years and I’ve made a lot of wonderful friends through this site. Love you guys! 🙂

  12. Uncle Al,
    First let me check for a pulse…… yes it’s still there. I’ll attest to Florida Gulf Coast situation. Was in for almost 2 months, but survived.

    Today I gave thanks to everyone who had an influence on my life, including God & everyone on this site that BFH created for a “Very Special” group of people to come together & be friends one & all.

  13. I am truly thankful to the one site that helps me keep my sanity day in, day out … thanks Fur

    & Happy Thanksgiving to all the peeps that come in to IOTW … ya’ll a great bunch

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all here from me and AA.
    There is much to be thankful for this year and you all know what I mean.
    And to the well payed staff at iOTW a heart felt thank you ! from both of us.

  15. Can’t add much to all the wonderful sentiments expressed here! Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to all the IOTW Family. All the unique personalities here provide thought-provoking and often laugh-out-loud comments. It’s the first place I visit with my first cuppa joe each morning and I return often during the day. It’s a real pleasure being part of this family. Love to all. ☺️

  16. Really late to the party!

    I’m thankful for my kids, one grandkid and soon to be second grandkid. Have to include PDJT.

    In 2009, I was directed to this site and have used it to retain my sanity and make so many personal friends.

    Thank you, Fur, and I send love to all my friends.

  17. As for the cornbread “stuffing” comments…..

    In the South, dressing is cooked outside the bird and is cornbread based.
    So much better than anything stuffed inside the bird!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I cooked today, some success some not, but generally good. Started a fire in the fireplace and we are watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Hope everyone had an enjoyable day! 😘

  19. Another late comer to the party. Happy Thanksgiving to all. May we all find a little peace between ourselves.

    As for the hard left, well… SCREW them!

  20. Now that it’s almost tomorrow, focus on making a stuffing omelet for brunch. Use that leftover stuffing. Mix in some chorizo.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the people on the greatest site on the whole of internets!

  21. @jclady: If you don’t stuff the turkey with cornbread dressing too, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s so much better than the dressing cooked outside the bird because it picks up all the flavor and juices from the turkey as it cooks. We do both, but the dressing from the turkey is much more moist and tasty than the dressing from the pan. Try it sometime and you’ll see what I mean.

  22. Wow. It’s been years since I had a true midnight snack. Kinda passed out in front of the fireplace during the dog show. NFL? Pffft.

    Now I’m sharing a day after sandwich with Petey. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry, dukes mayo on a leftover biscuit. It’s good to be me.

  23. O Mah Gerd! If I hadn’t awaken from a tryptophan coma for a second piece of punkin’ pie, I would’ve completely missed this down thread.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to one & all. Particularly grateful to BFH, MJA & other contributors. You probably never imagined just how important this site would become to so many.

    Ditto jclady-stuffing outside the bird. I guess technically it’s referred to as dressing?

    Our crew sat down to sup much later than planned 🥂🍸, resulting in over-proofed rolls the size of bowling balls, the pan of dressing was in the dryer & a load of towels were in the oven, but I don’t think anyone noticed. 😉

  24. Happy Belated Thanksgiving from me also! This is the second best Thanksgiving I’ve enjoyed in ten years. The best was last year.

    I was mostly busy with family yesterday and missed the post. Had a cousin come by late on his way back from VA and so generously dropped off some oysters fresh from the bay. Wish he’d done that yesterday for the stuffing, but I love oyster stew.

    Love you guys too. Even Bad_Brad, lol. Lots to be grateful for, and every day is a gift. Thanks to all of you.

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