Happy Veterans Day

Thank you for your service.

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  1. WW1 Great Grandfather Canadian Corps survived western front died of spanish flu.WW2 Grandfather Dieppe raid and Juno survived. Great Uncle Dawson Queen own rifles never made it off juno beach killed by mortar.

  2. Thank you, Mother and Father.

    Both were Navy officers in WWII. Dad was a submariner, Mom was in Naval Intelligence. They met in early 1943 when both were stationed in Norfolk, VA, and married later that year.

    W.H.E. – 1918-2014
    A.M.E. – 1919-2017


  3. Thank you all for your sacrifice and dedication. There is no way for me to adequately express my feelings for you. God Bless

  4. Dad was in WW2, served in the Pacific on an LST and later on a Tin Can. Told me to never ever join the military. Thanks Dad

  5. Thanks to all those that served…and returned…

    Including my father in WWII, Coast Guard Master CPO and my oldest brother in Viet Nam as a KC-135 captain pilot refueler.

  6. If you have not yet served but are still able to, give it serious thought and step up. As a former Marine of course I recommend the Marines, but choose whichever branch is the best fit for you.

    All I ask is that you take your oath seriously and do the best that you can. It can be difficult, at times extremely so, however at those times you find out just what you’re made of. Like I said, step up. You’ll be glad you did for the rest of your life.

    Semper Fidelis

  7. Our soldiers are our greatest asset. Our society is so poisoned, the well to drawn good soldiers from so shallow, we must treasure the ones we find.

    Better yet, reform our schools and have them produce real men and women instead of angry, ignorant dependent babies.

    If WW2 was now, we’d be doomed.

  8. You are most welcome.
    In one specific important aspect:
    The military is just like anything else in life – you get out of it what you put into it.
    I am so glad for the experience and opportunities I learned and enjoyed – and do not regret any of my 12 years of service (even the times I absolutely hated it, and there were a few).
    In spite of all the horror stories in the press and the movies, we still have the best damn military in the world.
    I will be lifting a drink later today to myself and my fellow comrades in arms.

  9. Dad was a WWII vet and a lifer.
    It never occurred to me to shirk my service to our country.
    When I turned 18, to the day, Dad took me down and swore me in, got the DD-214 to prove it.
    I was still in high school.
    Never registered for the draft, never regretted serving.
    When I got back from V/Nam, it sucked to be a vet.
    Professionally, it helped me, socially, I kept quiet about it.
    Went probably 25 years before outing myself.
    The revival of treating vets with respect, gladdens my heart.
    Pretty sure I suffered PTSD, I was a ‘not so nice person’ for a while.
    6’4″, 220, most regretted crossing me.
    Now, I’m a big Teddy Bear, happier than I have ever been.


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