Harasser of Woman Who Identified as a 9/11 Widow Has been Fired From His Job

The douche is named Steve Wilson-

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20 Comments on Harasser of Woman Who Identified as a 9/11 Widow Has been Fired From His Job

  1. Score one for our side. What he did was truly reprehensible and I’m glad what happened, happened. Hopefully his mom won’t kick him out of her basement.

  2. Someone please look up SEI for me.
    I bet 1 Big Ass Cold Frickin’ Beer
    and I will meet you halfway from your house
    to Houston that it is some faggy sissyfied soy
    boy made up do nothing Texas BS & HS worthless
    over paid vapor wear virtual cloud type job.

  3. Good, phuck the bastard.
    There is NO way I would behave that way to a democrat….despite how much I despise them.

  4. It wasn’t the skateboarder from Massachusetts. Without having said his name I do owe him an apology. Lesson learned.

  5. they should vet their future employees better. Keep these perverted women beaters from brain washing the yoots of America

  6. SEI……another remedial “school” for the savages being pumped out of the hood.
    In other words a containment facility ran by guilt ridden whites to demonstrate their humanitarian concern for rabid hood rats.
    There’s no realistic hope of accomplishing anything but those engaged in the endeavor feel good about themselves.

  7. self enhancement?
    what about job training
    what about teaching them responsibility

    wonder what this magot did at the enhancement job?
    obviously,he has some self enhancement to do on his own

    i guess he will now run on the demon rat party ticket for some office,he is now qualified

    oh and too bad that woman did not have some bear or pepper spray to spray in his face

  8. If he worked for Google or Facebook, he would be getting a promotion and an all expenses paid vacation.

  9. I am going to extrapolate from the fact that The Oregonian/O Live is not interested in any aspect of this story other than to look into the woman’s background that they have an investment in this jackass. THe identity of the individual has been out for a couple days not and they still haven’t found out about it. At least they are not publishing anything on it.

  10. @BUTTHEADICUS alter ego of RADIOATIONMAN October 21, 2018 at 10:40 pm

    Is it possible SEI is Service Employees International? If so, these tactics are typical since they’re a bunch of union thugs.


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