Harassment, retaliation settlements under Harris as California AG could pose problems for Democrats

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As Democratic Party voters focus on race and gender issues, former Vice President Joe Biden’s history of racial gaffes and his new running mate Sen. Kamala Harris’ record managing a department rife with gender harassment could prove problematic with the Democratic base.

Biden has made many race-related gaffes over the years, most recently telling radio host Charlamagne the God, “You ain’t black” if you vote against him.

Biden also delivered a speech at former Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd’s funeral service, citing him as a “mentor.” Byrd was a member of the KKK before his election to the Senate.

Harris, the presumptive vice presidential nominee, led a Department of Justice in California that had to pay out more than $1 million in settlements related to gender discrimination, harassment and retaliation, and other issues on her watch.

These settlements will likely resurface during the course of the general election campaign given the influence of the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements in the Democratic Party. keep reading

8 Comments on Harassment, retaliation settlements under Harris as California AG could pose problems for Democrats

  1. Jo and the Ho. The Ho is also a major investor in Nike’s new and improved Kaperdink knee pads.

  2. If mail in voting is widespread nothing else will matter. Seriously considering cashing in my 401K before the Marxist confiscate it.

  3. I’m still having a hard time believing that Joe will be on the ballot in Nov. Harris as VP only confirms that but as is said, stranger things…

    Trump trolled them beautifully yesterday when he said she was his “#1 draft pick”

  4. Kalamity Harris seems like a parody of a serious candidate to most people who support President Donald J. Trump. Harris was the ideal woman Dementiacrat candidate when she announced her run for President. She crashed and burned like a Jamaican designed jet powered triplane before she got a single vote. The ChiComvirus and the resulting financial catastrophe changed everything. Watching the MSDM proclaiming Dementia Joe’s brilliant choice of this proven loser reminds me of how they thought Senator Tim Kaine was going to help Clinton get elected. Only 81 days left until the election.

  5. …Harrassment and retaliation are basically things you’re EXPECTED to do, if you’re a Democrat, so that’s just resume’ polish for HER among the filth that SUPPORTS her…it’s just an extension of what “Obama” said to a group of Latinos about “Don’t you want to punish your enemies”, the people who vote for Democrats expect them to retailate and harrass THEIR enemies, real or imagined, and so they LIKE to vote for someone who does that as they think it will be done on their behalf…

    …The Democrat Party is the party of hatred and vindictiveness. Including their voters. And that’s why it HELPS Kamala, because someone like her truly DOES represent them, or at least their unreasoning rage and revenge fantasies that Democrats have so carefully trained them to have…

  6. The Democrats lost the last election by picking a candidate most people didn’t like and didn’t want as their President.

    Are they making the same mistake this time or are they playing some different angle than whether or not people want Biden and Harris so it doesn’t make much difference if voters like them or not?

    We’ll know in a few months. If the Dems lose again I wonder how graceful their response will be this time around?

  7. It will not be a problem for Democrats. Their sincerity on any of these type of issue is totally subservient to political expediency. All else shrinks to insignificance.

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