Hard Cheese, Old Chappaqua

Hillary’s book now at deep deep discount…



h/t American Mirror

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  1. “Hard Choices”

    To drive a car by myself or have someone chauffeur me around for over three decades? Hmmmmmmmmmm… 🤔

  2. I wonder if she has to give back a percent of the advance (or the fee) she got for writing this or whether the publisher just figured this was a somewhat more legal way to Pay for Play.

  3. TexasGal – a slight corrdction is needed – Hillary’s prison number will be Inmate #3825968

    spelled out on the phone keypad, it is FUCK YOU, as in Fuck You Hillary 🙂

  4. Not long ago I predicted it would find it’s market – right next to “Dreams From My Father” on the dollar store bookshelf, with coloring books conveniently on the same shelf.

  5. $4.99? You people are dreaming! Try 0.49. Who would buy and read such a steaming pile of lies, drivel, and horseschitt?

  6. Don’t worry, most of the her books supposedly sold are sitting in a Soros owned warehouse….just like most of Obumbles books.

  7. In a year the bookstore owner will claim a tax loss and hire an old negro to haul them to the town dump.
    Story over before it was told.

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