Hard To Find Video

One of the funniest videos back in the day is now difficult to find on YT. Why would this video be banned? Because it shows how people can be innocent and naive with no ill-intent when it comes to racism?

We certainly can’t have that. We cannot be NOT GUILTY.

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  1. LOL, I remember when this hit. We had an engineer that was this dude’s doppelganger right down to the glasses. They even sounded the same.

  2. Forty six years ago this would have Mel Brooks written all over it.
    Today he would be vilified for it!
    We are regressing as a society when we can no longer laugh at parody!
    If the Left were in charge forty six years ago movies would be banned and books would be burned.
    Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd eighty years ago they just put yellow stars on certain, ethnic people!
    Today they just do it with a mouse click!


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