Lawyer: Google a ‘Bubble of Very Liberal Groupthink’ with ‘Re-education Camp’ Atmosphere for Conservatives

Breitbart Tech: Harmeet Dhillon, the lawyer filing a class-action lawsuit against Google on behalf of former engineer James Damore, appeared on Breitbart News Tonight to discuss the case.

The lawyer representing former Google engineer James Damore and another former Google employee in a class action lawsuit against their former employer appeared on Breitbart News Tonight recently alongside Breitbart Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak to discuss the growing issues that conservatives are facing in Silicon Valley.

Joel Pollak began the interview by asking Dhillon to summarize the claims that her clients are making against Google and how they relate to the current issues of social media platforms censoring conservatives.

“Well the lawsuit is punitive class-action, so we’re seeking class status,” said Dhillon, “the two named plaintiffs are James Damore, who you mentioned and another fired software engineer David Gudeman, both of them are conservatives, both of them are white men. Both of them complained in the workplace about the quota system that Google has in place for hiring people and the incessant social justice warrior mentality that forces everybody at Google to toe the line with regard to hating on people who supported the President, or refusing to acknowledge people’s right to believe that there are two genders instead of multiple genders.” read more

6 Comments on Lawyer: Google a ‘Bubble of Very Liberal Groupthink’ with ‘Re-education Camp’ Atmosphere for Conservatives

  1. Don’t they come close to crossing the monopoly line? Class action lawsuit?
    Maybe Sessions can multitask and bring some heat to these monsters as well as MS-13, he doesn’t seem all that busy.

  2. NETFLIX has a series called BLACK MIRROR. Season 3, Episide 1, ‘Nosedive’ illustrates a possible result of the takeover of Social Media.

  3. It’s so tiresome that the biggest thing being taught today in our schools and or by our society is how to be unpleasant about everything.

    I’m willing to let others believe stupid stuff if they will allow me the freedom to believe the correct stuff. But no. They fill it’s their duty to force everyone to be as stupid and obnoxious as themselves.


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