Harridan in a hijab

Ilhan Omar Snaps At CNN Reporter: ‘Are You Serious?’

DC: Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar on Wednesday snapped at a CNN reporter who tried to ask her about the fallout over her recent comments blaming Jewish political donors for Republicans’ support of Israel.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Omar should step down either from Congress or the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and called Omar’s apology for the comments “lame.”

The congresswoman on Wednesday shot back a tweet that accused the president of “trafficking in hate,” but then dodged questions twice when asked about it by CNN’s Manu Raju.

“Rep. Ilhan Omar in no mood to talk about her controversies this week. First, she said: ‘No thank you’ when asked to comment on Trump saying she should resign. Second time I saw her, she yelled: ‘Are you serious?’ when I tried to question her,” Raju wrote on Twitter. “What’s wrong with you,” the congresswoman reportedly asked him.  more here


Rep. Ilhan Omar Harangues Elliott Abrams At Bizarre Committee Hearing.


Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar ripped U.S. diplomat Elliott Abrams during a hearing that took place before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday.

During her line of questioning, Omar questioned the trustworthiness of Abrams because of the longtime diplomat’s role in the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s. Abrams was convicted of unlawfully withholding information from Congress in 1991. Omar also erroneously referred to him as “Mr. Adams.”

“I fail to understand why members of this committee of the American people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful,” Omar said.

After Abrams tried to respond to Omar’s comments, the freshman congresswoman cut him off and explained to him that she wasn’t asking a question. Abrams demanded an opportunity to defend his character, but was rebuffed.

“It is not right that members of this committee can attack a witness who is not permitted to reply,” Abrams said.  more

And more here


House Overwhelmingly Approves Motion To Condemn Anti-Semitism Amid Omar Fallout.

DC: The House of Representatives passed a motion Wednesday afternoon condemning anti-Semitism, which was added to a bill ending U.S. military aid for Saudi Arabia’s ongoing war in Yemen.

This vote comes only days after Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar faced accusations of anti-Semitism for saying the pro-Israel lobby buys support for Israel from members of Congress.

Omar was forced to apologize after being called out by politicians across the aisle. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned Omar for her “use of anti-Semitic tropes,” while President Donald Trump called on her to resign or at least be removed from the Foreign Affairs CommitteeMORE HERE




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  1. This Bitch is another form of radical mooslems. I just tweeted that to a sympathetic group on Twitter. I plan on being permanently banned, again, in 5 4 3 2 1.

    I’m running out of cell phone numbers to join with.

  2. I hear it’s perfect bikini weather on the beaches of Somalia right now….Why don’t they advertise that more?…

  3. You could tell she didn’t write the statement/question she read to Abrams. She mangled the word Contra (I think she thought it was a typo error), and stumbled through it. She is a classical puppet, the likes of which our government has not seen before.
    Someone needs to start asking her about how she married her brother, to get him citizenship and benefits. It is surprising how that has been kept away from public knowledge. One would think the Ethics Committee would have an interest in that. Oh, yeah the congressional ethics comm, run by democrats. The only thing they do is pay sexual victims to be quiet.

  4. The cunt ain’t no different than John Murtagh and John Kerry.
    Treasonous bastards.
    Toby Miles said it .It was written for her. Fuckemall!!

  5. The Jihadi harlot could never represent a Constitutional Republic. Her first and only alliance is to the death cult Islam.

  6. “The Jihadi harlot could never represent a Constitutional Republic.”

    Harlot! Why couldn’t I think of that. Dang gurl.

    Your’e absolutely correct. This is just a kinder gentler Jihad. Until the shit starts. I hope they scan here for explosives. I’m not kidding.

  7. LOL! Bad_Brad – I got a million of ’em. My grandmother would have called the beotch a trollop.
    BTW, wouldn’t be a tragedy if somehow her prayer rug at the Capitol went missing or better yet, set on fire.

  8. You see THIS is the kind of politician that the FBI should be monitoring for collusion with foreign actors.

    And it definitely does not need to be on any committees with access to classified info. That is all going straight to the enemy.

  9. When will there ever be some strong opinions here. 😉
    I strongly agree with everything said here about this planted Muslim bitch!
    She’s being told what to say. Reminds me of Obama, except that they forgot to finish polishing this particular turd.

  10. Everyone and everybody should be asking her every day, every minute….hounding her……did you or did you not fuck your brother? How many times did you fuck your brother?? Do you have a baby somewhere by fucking your BROTHER?

  11. If muzzie-luv is your thing, go become a representative in Asscrackistan. They’ll welcome you with open flies. 😳

  12. Sadly, she represents her district.
    If the House gets enough of her antics they can refuse to seat her – as the House did Adam Clayton Powell back in the old days – she’ll still get her paycheck, just not allowed to soil the House with her filth.
    But, seeing as the House is a fetid cesspool of filth and corruption, I wouldn’t hold my breath that they’d vote for censure.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. She is PROUD of her Democrat Anti-Semitism and so is the DNC.

    The Democrat party OWNs all forms of racism. That will never change regardless of all the nitwits that they convince otherwise.

  14. I’m late to this party…but I’ve got another good word for her:



    1. (with capital T.) Name of an imaginary deity held in mediæval Christendom to be worshipped by Muslims: in the mystery plays represented as a violent overbearing personage. Obs. or arch.

    2.a A savage, violent, boisterous, overbearing, or quarrelsome person (or thing personified); a blusterer, bully.

    2.b spec. A violent, overbearing, turbulent, brawling, quarrelsome woman; a virago, shrew, vixen. (Now the ordinary sense.)

  15. I’m beginning to realize that maybe muzzie men have kept muzzie women kicked to the curb and underfoot for centuries for a damned good reason.
    give them a soapbox and they’re nothing but trouble.


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