‘Harriet’ Blows Away Democratic Racial Myths

Harriet,  just released in theaters, tells the story of Harriet Tubman, an African-American slave who frees herself and then returns south to retrieve 70 others and bring them to freedom. Oh yeah — Harriet Tubman was a gun-toting Republican and the people she liberated these slaves from were Democrats.

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19 Comments on ‘Harriet’ Blows Away Democratic Racial Myths

  1. Well if your going to start telling you the truth what are the democrats going to do? Their very existence is based on lies.

  2. The “woke” will turn a blind eye to the obvious. Tubman was also patriotic and considered herself an American. All too much for lock step leftist tools and their progressive handlers.

  3. Doesn’t matter. They will not remember she was a strong Republican, they will not remember that the slaves she rescued were owned by Democrats about the only thing they will remember is that all white men bad and where are my reparations.

  4. Because, I care so much about what people who were dead before my grandparents were born, actually did, that I’ll kneel before their alleged primary party selections.

  5. Next time you hear Trump is a racist or you get called a racist just tell them : In the last election there were two white candidates. One idolized a racist eugenist and a former klansman and advocated locking up a generation of black men. The other one was Donald Trump.. Which one did you vote for?

  6. ^^^^ their comeback is always, “but, you’re still a racist!” (or some variant of that) … just reply, “& I see you still are too” ^^^^

  7. hate to be a nit-picker (no, not really) but why show a pic of Harriet w/ her hand on the trigger of a pistol that won’t fire?

    … the cock has no flint holder, there’s no flint & the frizzen isn’t set
    … but who gives 2 sh*ts about reality … it’s probably a laser flintlock

  8. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ: I feel your pain. I recently watched a teevee show about an event in World War One, in which the doughboys were carrying M-1 carbines.

  9. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ November 8, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    > why show a pic of Harriet w/ her hand on the trigger of a pistol that won’t fire?

    Because access to a gun kills people.

  10. Harriet Tubman is a hero, and a Republican icon.
    Unfortunately women in the US did not have the vote in Harriet’s lifetime

  11. No woman on US currency in a hundred years? Sacagawea dollar? And a ‘woman of color’ at that. Mm

    Then there was the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

  12. @DeplorableTWP ~ hate to disagree, but there’s is no hammer, nor a cone (w/ nipple) that accommodates a cap

    I will accept that what I described as a frizzen might be a layer of her accruements, but I see no evidence of a caplock mechanism (other than a possible cone mechanism, in that it is circular, instead of a flintlock firing pan) that has a percussion cap mounted on it. the ‘hammer’, or ‘cock’ looks like some ‘S’ curve thingy. neither flintlock nor caplock

    … so my point still stands, regardless of mechanism … no flint, no spark upon the frizzen … no hammer, no nipple, no cap, no spark … either way, no fire

    … no historical basis. same as all Ho-Wood’s depiction on guns …. yes, I’m nit-picking

  13. From Hollywood where cops point their guns at the sky while ‘going in’
    Where Hackers announce “I’m in” by typing faster
    Silenced guns go: Fffft
    Where you can unload ungodly amounts of ammunition with no recoil at all
    where you can take a stick to the face and keep all your teeth
    That gun probably came off the wall from a vaguely Moorish decoration that had a morning star with a swag lamp chain and a couple of flimsy swords


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