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Harris And Biden Making The Same Gaff In The Same Day Is No Coincidence

First, it was VP candidate Senator Kamala Harris who put out the idea of a “Harris Administration together with Joe Biden as president” during a virtual roundtable on Monday. Here

Then on the same day, presidential candidate Joe Biden read off his teleprompter “The Harris-Biden Administration.” Here

There are plenty out there who scoff and say this business as usual for the bumbling Biden campaign. Others, who know the left and how they think, like Tammy Bruce, believe something else entirely is being signaled to dems Here

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  1. All of us who are following know that this isn’t about Joe running things. Kamala is the person in charge. Joe will stay in his basement with his gas mask / face mask. Kamala will be running things based on her handlers (see Soros)

  2. The problem is that Biden is disintegrating so rapidly and so obviously that they can’t be coy anymore.

    “Yes, goddamit, it’s true, it’s all true! You people knew it from day one! Now work with us here, or you get f—king Orangeman again! Media, activate and explain!”

  3. Kaliope won’t be in charge, either.
    It will be all out war if Biden gets elected. I mean a war over who will be in charge. But it won’t be k-jo.

    I have a theory on the ‘putting harris up front’ thing. They’re not necessarily trying to run her as the president,
    they’re trying to lure the young, the black voters, the women voters and using her to do it.
    But then again. She’s not that popular. lol

  4. They’re going to run into a problem. They didn’t consider the non-radical Dem voter. They voted for Biden on the pretense that Biden would be preezy.
    Remember, no one likes drop-out kamala. Which is why she dropped out of the primary.

    “Hey! I didn’t vote for this bitch!”


  5. And they have a bigger problem, they need the black and Hispanic vote and right now they are struggling with both so much so that CBS tried to pawn off a photo of Trump’s AZ Hispanic rally as Joe’s event last night but they missed completely blurring out a woman with an I love Trump hat and were quickly caught.

  6. So what? Harris ranked lower than Tulsi Gabbard in the primary. No delegates.

    Biden sucks so they picked the person who sucked more than Bloomberg, Bootyjudge, Klobuchar, Yang and Beta O’Rourke.

    She’s not African American. She’s Jamaican Indian and has a record as a corrupt prosecutor. The media are just trying to pull another Obama and give her a free pass to the election by not asking her anything.

  7. MJA for the win, the Obama/Clinton machine will be running things. Harris gets to be the front person and will get to suck a dick or two if she plays nice.

  8. Trump needs to refer to his opposing ticket as the Harris – Biden ticket nonstop to make people think about it….and troll them till November 3rd

  9. Is it me? OR is she getting whiter??

    Like by the day???

    She needs to be canceled because of her ROOTS in slavery. THINK Irony.

    Someone needs to do a mashup of her and Michael Jackson…

    And thanks @Bob Frapples for the correction.

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